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Seminars at this year’s Middle School Ministry Campference

Hey folks — we just finalized the list of seminars for this year’s Middle School Ministry Campference. As usual, it’s going to totally rock!

It’s coming up super fast (October 13 – 15), and late rates kick in this coming Sunday. So get your reg on!

MSMC17 Seminars

Friday PM

  • Kenny & Elle Campbell — 4 Habits to Help Middle Schoolers Grow Spiritually (Dialogue)
  • Scott Rubin – TBD
  • Crystal Kirgiss — Doodling, Copying, and Other Sacred Bible Disciplines (Active Learning)
  • Heather Flies — How to Effectively Minister to Middle School Parents (Seminar)
  • Ashley Bohinc — How To Move Your Middle School Small Groups From Sitting To Serving (Seminar)

Saturday AM

  • Marko — A Model for Change and Spiritual Discernment (Seminar)
  • Katie Edwards — Walking Middle Schoolers Through Difficult Times (Dialogue)
  • Alan Ramsey — Making the Most of Key Transitions: Before & After MSM (Seminar)
  • Crystal Kirgiss — Women Leading Boys (Seminar)
  • Kurt Johnston — Multi-Site Youth Ministry (Dialogue)

Saturday Afternoon

  • Heather Flies & Crystal Kirgiss — Women in YM (Dialogue)
  • Matty McCage — Making All-In Disciples (Seminar)
  • Kenny & Elle Campbell — 7 Ways to Grow Your Volunteers This Year (Seminar)
  • Ashley Bohinc — Making Events More Strategic in Middle School Ministry (Active Learning)
  • Adam McLane — Tuning In: Know when to tune in and when to tune out (Seminar)

Sunday AM

  • Heather Flies: Nemesis or Partner: How to Minister with a High School Pastor and Not Go Insane (Dialogue)
  • Ashley Bohinc — When Athletics Get in the Way of Youth Group Attendance (Dialogue)
  • Katie Edwards — How Do We Minister to Millennial Parents (How Parent Ministry is Changing) (Dialogue)
  • Alan Ramsey — Modeling Your Faith Journey to Students (Dialogue)
  • Kurt Johston — Becoming a Leader People Want To Follow (Dialogue)
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Announcing the Multi-Site Church Youth Ministry Campference

Details at a glance:

  • January 9 – 11
  • Orange County CA
  • All-inclusive price: $300 – $365

There has been an explosion of churches moving to a multi-site approach in the last few years. Understandably, a church’s decision to move to a multi-site approach is rarely (if ever) driven by the mission of the youth ministry. And as such, youth workers in these churches are often scrambling to figure out best practices, formats and structures, success metrics, and all sorts of other variables.

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6 Nights in Cuba

Note: Do to the nature of my trip and in an effort to protect the privacy of my hosts I’m not able to share specifics in this format. If you have specific questions about my trip please contact me via email.

“I’m so happy to be here, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to visit with you.” This is all I could come up with last Sunday when handed the microphone. I never even considered visiting Cuba as a possibility so I had no idea what to expect.

So what did I discover? Here are some snapshots. 

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When God Makes a Youth Pastor’s Dream Come True

Julia Bauman is nursing her four-week old son when I call her, so in between I hear adorable little sighs of a precious baby. It’s the perfect picture of her life as a youth pastor and a new mom—a life that turned out so much better than she could have ever dreamed, thanks to an unexpected call three years ago. “It was really a dream come true,” Julia says. Continue reading When God Makes a Youth Pastor’s Dream Come True