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Audio and Video from The Summit Now Available

S3P2 Gemma Dunning (KEY09).001

Right before Santa came to the McLane house… I finally finished editing and uploading all of the video from The Summit. Now, both audio and video is available for purchase from our online store.

To give you an insight into the awesomeness that was The Summit 2015, today we’re releasing this video from Gemma Dunning’s talk, Love the Saint.

Purchase the video here

Purchase the audio here

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New Cohorts of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program Forming

Youth Ministry Coaching Program cohorts forming

This week, we’ve posted two amazing testimonies from YMCP graduates (see here and here). We continue to be overwhelmed by the impact of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program. It’s been a wonderful road over these last five years:

  • Launched in 2010 with 9 people in the first cohort
  • Cohorts held in 10 cities in the US and Canada
  • Over 250 youth workers have graduated
  • Participants have been full-time, part-time and volunteers in both church and non-profit roles
  • Participants have come from a dozen different denominations
  • Ages from 24-60+ years old; nearly 90% of participants are between 27-44 years old
  • Experience between 1 year and 30+ years in youth ministry
  • From churches with an attendance of less than 100 people to over 20,000 people
  • Nearly a third of participants have been women, including 2 “women’s only” cohorts

For 2016, we’re hoping to launch 6 or 7 cohorts (in addition to the 5 current cohorts that will spill into 2016):

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I was pushed, prodded and challenged at every turn


As we look into 2016, we’re excited to launch coaching cohorts in Northern Indiana and near Greenville, South Carolina. 

For more information and to apply, visit

Here’s what one of our graduates, Wes Trevor, gained from his experience in YMCP…

As I sat in the circle facing my peers, anticipating the words to be shared, I became nervous.  I was participating in the final cohort of my Youth Ministry Coaching Program with Marko at the helm and we were sharing our affirmations and challenges with each other.  One by one, some of the best compliments I had ever received were shared.  The final words were shared by Marko based on how our year had gone together. I wasn’t sure what to expect. He had pushed, prodded and challenged me at every turn.  And his final words were no different. The paraphrase was something along the lines of “if you can figure out how to keep your arrogance in check, you will be a great pastor one day” (Definitely the PG paraphrase). And it was just the motivation that I needed.

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YMCP – A “Defining” Chapter


Over the course of my life, I can point to certain chapters that I would consider to be “defining.” They are times where I have seen my soul awakened, challenged and changed. They are chapters that I couldn’t have wished for or even written on my own, but that have been critical to shaping my heart. Being a part of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program was one of those chapters.

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Leading Through Personal Trials

Leading Through Personal Trials

By Adam Mashni

Cartel note: Adam Mashni was one of five youth workers who gave a 5 – 7 minute ‘soapbox’ talk in the Saturday morning main session of the Middle School Ministry Campference a couple weeks ago. We loved what these people talked about, and thought they would make great blog posts for others to access their thoughts. 

On May 8, 2014 I was told I most likely had Testicular Cancer.  I went in for a referral appointment to essentially push aside any extreme worries.  Within 10 seconds the urologist said, “this doesn’t feel good.”  That night I went in for emergency surgery to remove my left testicle.  My life, everything about it, was put on pause (and I also started leaning a little…too soon?). A few days later I would find out it is indeed cancer and it had spread to my abdominal lymph nodes and my lungs.  I was to be married on August 8, 2014…so the 3 months leading up to my wedding was full of Chemo treatments and doctor appointments.

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