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Introducing 1-on-1 Coaching


Every now and then you need someone outside your daily world to look at your life and ministry with fresh eyes. Sometimes you feel stuck in your current reality, other times there’s a problem you aren’t sure how to navigate. Sometimes you are wondering what’s your next step forward. Other times you’re experiencing a ceiling that you’re not sure how to break through.

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YMCP Cohorts We’re Filling


Whole-life Coaching Focusing on Transformation and Youth Ministry Development

The Youth Ministry Coaching Program will rock your world, build you up as a leader, and provide all sorts of insights and opportunities for transformation. With more than 250 graduates, we’re more convinced than ever about the power and value of this program.

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Helping Students Thrive into Adulthood


By Brock Morgan

Normally when Marko calls me it’s a good thing. So far he’s asked me to speak at The Cartel’s Summit event twice, he’s asked me to write three different books, and he asked me to “potentially” go to Africa. But when he called me about a year and a half ago to ask me to write a graduation book, I thought, “Um, not interested.”

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Equipping to reach the other 90%


It’s late April. 

It’s a dangerous time for vocational youth workers. Interest & attendance is typically waning a little as the school year winds down. Youth workers, especially younger ones, start feeling as though things aren’t going well because fewer teenagers are coming. Things that worked in October just aren’t working.

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How the Youth Ministry Coaching Program Impacted a Whole Church


By Mark Oestreicher

I got an email the other day from a YMCP grad named Mike Henry, from Souix City, Iowa. He had a couple questions (we tell our grads that we’ll always be available to them, even after their year in YMCP is finished). But then mike graciously took the time to write a little about the impact YMCP has had, not just on his youth ministry, but on his entire church.

With mike’s permission, here’s what he wrote:

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What Lemonade Actually Looks Like


When life hands you lemons…made lemonade.

We’ve all heard the expression. Even more, if your temper resembles mine, you’ve been tempted on more than one occasion to tell people what to do with those lemons exactly. Or where to put them.

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