Youth ministry coaching program

In early 2010, we launched the beta group of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program, before The Youth Cartel even existed, with 9 youth workers in San Diego (who traveled to our meetings from 5 different states). Very quickly, we could see that we were really onto something: a safe community where honesty was prized, a cohort model where accountability and customization provided what each person uniquely needed for practical growth.

THE Cohort approach

Our full cohorts meet 6 times over the span of 1 year for 2-day meetings. They are filled with rich discussions, youth ministry and leadership training, customized problem solving, personal sharing, one-on-one coaching, spiritual direction, and other components. Full cohorts also include 6 coaching calls throughout the year with a trained coach. Our full-year cohorts are $3000 plus travel and a few books.

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Other Coaching options

YMCP online

An accessible and affordable version of our trusted coaching program reimagined for a virtual context

1 on 1 coaching

A trained and certified youth ministry coach will work with you toward your goal

enneagram coaching

Assess and understand your Enneagram type, and process personal implications with a certified Enneagram coach