Young woman crossing bridge in forest

Are we out of the woods yet?

Maybe you don’t listen to my girl T Swift’s 1989 Album as often as I do. Frankly, I find that questionable, but I try not to judge too much. There’s this song she sings, and she asks over and over, “Are we out of the woods yet?” She asks, “Are we out of the woods yet, out […]


The Dreaded C-Word in Women’s Events

Every time I see an invitation for a women’s event, I scan for the dreaded C-word (also known as the C-which-shall-not-be-named). It’s usually there, even if it’s sometimes disguised as a synonym, or merely alluded to. The C-word is my exit cue to be honest. It’s a sure-fire sign that particular event is not for […]

Santa Reunion Pic

Post-High School Connections

As a youth worker in a church with a fairly large staff, including pastoral staff, I don’t have many responsibilities during the weeks surrounding Christmas. Once we wrap up our gatherings in mid-December I’m pretty much “off” from church duties until the new year. It is a two week stretch I look forward to for […]


An Interview with Steve Case

Last week, we released The Audacious Seven: Life Lessons from Seven Saints Who Didn’t Back Down. We love this curriculum and think that you will too! Recently, we asked Steve Case a few questions about The Audacious Seven, here’s what he had to say: TYC – Let’s start with the obvious… with Bible literacy a concern for so many […]


The Passover

I’m a young leader…ok…youngish. I’ve had the great opportunity to get to know hundreds of different young leaders over the years, and there is a common trait that most of us seem to share.  A desire to be noticed.  Whether it’s working inside a church, with a missions organization or in the corporate world, young […]


PSALM 40 Lament

Waiting. No one likes waiting. Maybe least of all me. I’ve waited for my entire life to see your Church reflect your heart to see men and women lead your people. Equally. With skillful hands and integrity of heart [Psalm 78:72].  I’ve waited for your Church to wake up and get it that we have […]


Four New Releases On January 6th

We’re proud to announce that our publishing line is adding four new titles, all of which release next Tuesday. All are available for pre-order with special pre-release pricing. A Youth Worker’s Field Guide to Parents: Understanding Parents of Teenagers by Danny Kwon The Audacious Seven: Life Lessons from Seven Saints Who Didn’t Back Down by […]

Student Justice Conference

Student Justice Conference – December Update

Over the past few weeks we’ve heard from a bunch of youth workers looking for an update on the Student Justice Conference. Here’s where we’re at: The cost of registration includes program, housing, and meals at Point Loma. If you’re not familiar with Point Loma Nazarene University, know that we picked it for three specific […]