Test Drive “The Amazing Next”

This April we’re launching a book unlike anything else we’ve done in the past. It’s called, The Amazing Next. The brainchild of lifelong youth worker and author of Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World, Brock Morgan, it’s designed to be the perfect book to drop in the hands of your graduating seniors this Spring. The […]


Lead Like a Girl?

Were you as intrigued as I was by the Super Bowl commercial asking young people to run, throw, or fight like a girl?  Ultimately, the ad transformed a negative comment into an inspirational phrase.  It stirred up in me all kinds of memories about the challenges of gender when you find yourself in any arena mostly […]


Watching and Learning from Nancy Beach

I grew up in a faith tradition that didn’t have a model for a woman with leadership and teaching gifts. The roles available for women revolved around the kitchen and the home. In the church, women could display leadership by organizing potlocks and teaching children until they reached puberty. From an early age, I absorbed what would be […]


What Does Justice Look Like to You?

As you hopefully know, this summer we’re hosting our very first event for students, the Student Justice Conference. Like a lot of what we aim to do, SJC is a dynamic collaboration with a dynamic group of parters. International Justice Mission Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Plant With Purpose Point Loma Nazarene University World Relief World Vision […]


Male and female brains: different, but equal

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the feminist movement. Love because it truly bothers me that women aren’t equal to men in many areas where it matters, like pay, career opportunities, leadership options in the church, etc. But also hate, because I don’t always agree with the starting point of these discussions. Many women […]

Young woman crossing bridge in forest

Are we out of the woods yet?

Maybe you don’t listen to my girl T Swift’s 1989 Album as often as I do. Frankly, I find that questionable, but I try not to judge too much. There’s this song she sings, and she asks over and over, “Are we out of the woods yet?” She asks, “Are we out of the woods yet, out […]


The Dreaded C-Word in Women’s Events

Every time I see an invitation for a women’s event, I scan for the dreaded C-word (also known as the C-which-shall-not-be-named). It’s usually there, even if it’s sometimes disguised as a synonym, or merely alluded to. The C-word is my exit cue to be honest. It’s a sure-fire sign that particular event is not for […]

Santa Reunion Pic

Post-High School Connections

As a youth worker in a church with a fairly large staff, including pastoral staff, I don’t have many responsibilities during the weeks surrounding Christmas. Once we wrap up our gatherings in mid-December I’m pretty much “off” from church duties until the new year. It is a two week stretch I look forward to for […]