Frontrunner - Women in Youth Ministry Campference

We’re one… but we’re not the same

On the women in youth ministry Facebook group, I asked the ladies what their first association was with ‘women in youth ministry’. To be honest, I had expected answers along the lines of ‘struggle’, or ‘loneliness’. Instead, some women replied that they were more worried about having too many female leaders in the/their church. It […]


Experimenting in Youth Retreating

Yesterday, I returned, along with a whole bunch of high school kids, on what, until last year was a pretty standard youth retreat. There was worship, a speaker, camp food, bunk beds and plenty of ridiculously messy and/or dangerous games. Retreats and camps are a bedrock of youth ministry for a reason. Students get a […]


Viva Las Christmas – Celebrate with us!

Part of the DNA that makes the Cartel tick is a willingness to experiment with new (cough, crazy) ideas and then allow the data to decide if we continue on with them. This isn’t unique to us, many start-ups use the same fail-fast methodology. One experiment we conducted in 2014 was Viva. Viva is a […]


Sitting in the Ashes

  Last night I had the privilege of listening to a ministry friend of mine share his story of working through the reality of living with mental health related issues. Brett Ullman shared openly, honestly and passionately about this somewhat taboo subject, causing me to reflect on what my role is as a friend, father, husband […]


The Road to The Summit

At The Summit there are some familiar faces as presenters and some unfamiliar ones. We want to tell you about one which might not be familiar to you… yet! In 2012, as we began to launch our first ever Open event in Seattle, my friend Jon Huckins told me… “You have to invite Morgan Schmidt to […]


Cartel Affiliates

Right at the gummy center of The Youth Cartel are two core things, collaboration and partnership. It’s who we are and what we do in everything we do. With the rapid expansion of our publishing line and events we wanted to provide a way for our friends to help… but also get paid a little for […]