6 New Digital Products

Phew!  That’s about all our publishing team can say as we celebrate the release of 6 brand new digital products this week. While we await the arrival of the 3 physical books, here’s what’s available right now for instant download. A Woman in Youth Ministry by Gina Abbas Now available on Kindle Hypotherables by Jake Bouma […]


Earlybird Registration for The Summit ends July 31!

The Summit, as you probably know, is unlike any other youth ministry event. It’s an imagination sparker, a creativity awakener, a prophetic nudge. 18 presenters delivering laser-focused TED-style talks, along with space for further dialogue with the presenters who leave you thirsty for more. It’s two days that can wake you up, re-ignite your calling, […]

April Diaz

Welcome April Diaz

I’m really excited to welcome April Diaz to our team at the Cartel as our Director of Coaching. April isn’t new to us… she’s been a friend to Marko and myself for years. From a Cartel perspective, she spoke at The Summit in 2012 and last fall we published her first book, Redefining the Role […]

A Woman in Youth Ministry

New Book Alert! A Woman in Youth Ministry

These are exciting times for our not-so-small anymore publishing line of youth ministry products. Today I want to pass along information about the first of our new products releasing for this Fall. (Shipping in August) A Woman in Youth Ministry: Honest Insight and Leadership Wisdom for Real People by Gina Abbas. From the back cover: If […]


A Cartel Approved Senior Prank

Let’s face it. Most senior pranks are dumb. Some toilet paper or some duct tape. But some seniors at Santa Barbara High School win the award for this year’s most creative senior prank. They hired a mariachi band to follow principle John Becchio everywhere he went, starting at 7:30 AM. Harmless. Entertaining. Clever. That’s how […]

power of story

The Power of Story

Have you ever wondering where stories come from and why they are so powerful? The origin of story is found in something we lovingly refer to as oral tradition. From the dawn of time, human beings gathered together to share in story – story of life’s origin, story of purpose, story of definition and story […]


Announcing 5 Open locations for Fall 2014

We started Open in 2012 as an experiment. We wondered what would happen if we turned the typical youth ministry training event upside down? Instead of selecting a city and bringing in our favorite, nationally recognized speakers to offer a day of training… what would happen if we hosted an event organized by local leaders and […]


Grab these perks before it’s too late

Unique The Summit is our showcase event. There’s simply nothing else like it in youth ministry. 18 handpicked presenters sharing something brand new. It’s innovative content, including stuff from the leading edge of the latest research or an impassioned discovery. We’re crafting a 2-day event built to kick off a revolution in your ministry. Small If […]


Free shipping on Bibles for Graduation

We give a copy of The Way to all of our graduating high school seniors knowing that it is a powerful resource they can turn to when they need encouragement, clarity, and hope for the future. The Way Bible features an easy to follow translation, a crisp/clean format, and practical thoughts and commentary to help older […]