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The YMCP has been the best and most helpful professional development I have experienced in my 14 years of youth ministry. The love and support I have received not only from Marko but all the other members of the cohort have helped me to not only be a better youth minister but also a better husband, father, and Christian. I have recommended this program to every youth minister I know!


Being a woman in youth ministry comes with its own set of joys, challenges and learning curves; being a part of a coaching program through TYC helped provide a space where all of those unique elements could be discussed, where resources could be shared, and where I knew I would be welcomed and understood. Coaching sessions throughout the year allowed for asking the hardest and (sometimes) most ridiculous questions, knowing that an experienced and skilled mentor would be walking the vocational ministry journey alongside me. I especially appreciated the emphasis on leadership materials developed by women!

Rebekah Strobel

Of all the daily decisions I have to make, one of the top 5 best choices I’ve made in the six years as President of my organization was to hire Adam. In today’s marketplace there is no greater pressure than to have a top shelf online presence, while also having your site function smoothly enough that it compels people to engage that moment. It’s a heavy burden, and a responsibility that The Youth Cartel thrives within. They know no other way than to put their everything into your project – quickly, efficiently and matching every ounce of passion you have. My organization would literally not be what it is today if it were not for the brains, boldness and expertise of The Youth Cartel.


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