Your First Taste of Fairness

Volume 4 | Issue 14

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Bible Verse(s)

Hebrews 6:10

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Most of us can’t remember the very first time that we tasted chocolate. It’s one of those life pleasures that’s likely always been there for us. Chocolate ice cream, candy bars, brownies, s’mores, chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa-- the list seems endless.

But what about the farmers who grow it? As we see in the video, a chocolate bar in the Ivory Coast can cost €2 (about $2.60) and the average farmer only makes €7 (about $9.30) per day for all of his family and four laborers to live off of. The men in the video had never tasted or even known what product was made with the beans they’ve cultivated their whole lives.

How can it be that something you’ve tasted your entire life is picked by people who might never have enough money to afford tasting it for themselves?

3 Questions

1. Would you rather grow cocoa your whole life and never taste it or only ever get to taste it once?
2. Have you ever experienced felt the type of unfairness you see in the video?
3. What’s one way you’d make the world more fair?

Chew on this

What do you think the point of the video was?

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