Youth Workers

If you’re a Christian youth worker, you’re why we exist.  We’re youth workers too, and we understand you.  We know the pain and joy, the stress, the expectations, and the internal sense of calling that keeps you going.  We hope we can serve you with a wide variety of helpful stuff, like:

Youth Ministry Coaching Program

This yearlong whole-life coaching program is all about growth.  You’ll grow in your thinking about youth ministry, your practice of youth ministry, your emotional and relational maturity, and, hopefully, your connection with Jesus.  Each cohort has 8 to 10 people, and meets 6 times throughout the year, for 2 days.  The meeting times are very intentional and structured to provide encouragement, challenge, and accountability.  The program offers flexibility and customization to your specific context and needs.  See more about the YMCP here.

Keynote Speaking

We know, because we’ve been there: there’s nothing worse than hosting a great event and having a self-centered speaker, a boring speaker, or a speaker who doesn’t seem to know the Bible exists.  We love working with event hosts – for teenagers, for youth workers, or for parents – to deliver exactly what they’re hoping for, with passion, humor and flexibility.  If you’re interested in talking with us about speaking at an event, please use our contact page.  If you’d like to see what some of our clients had to say about us, click here.


Oh, baby, we have some cool stuff in this area.  We partner with other awesome publishers to create stuff (so far: Zondervan/Youth Specialties, Tyndale, Group/Simply Youth Ministry, and Thomas Nelson); and we publish stuff under The Youth Cartel name also. Check ’em all out on our store.


Consulting isn’t only for organizations.  We’ve found that all leaders (youth workers included) sometimes get stuck, and need an outside set of eyes and ears. That’s what we’re good at:  we’ll observe and ask a million questions, then give you recommendations that meet your needs.  If you’re interested in considering us for some consulting work, please use our contact page.


There are lots of great youth ministry events out there.  But we want to provide some training and encouraging events that are unique.  Really, we want to create and host a few events that we would want to go to!

At this point, we’re hosting three events (click on the events tab at the top of this page for more info):

The Middle School Ministry Campference is a 3-day mix of great conference-y content, with all the fun that a camp can offer.  Really, it’s camp for junior high youth workers.

Open is a collection of local and organic training events designed to bring together a city-wide tribe of youth workers while leveling the playing field when it comes to speakers and audiences (read the Open Manifesto). No one gets paid, anyone can propose a seminar, and local organizers make the whole thing work.

Then there’s The Summit, a national youth ministry training event patterned after the TED conferences. 18 presenters giving 12 – 15 minute talks, grouped together under themes, followed by 45-minute Digging Deeper sessions with an opportunity to think through context with your choice of presenters. It’s low on hype, and high on flammability, baby.