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Your Invitation to the Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian Context Coaching Cohort

I’m not sure of any places in the youth ministry world that are honestly, helpfully, and healthily looking at ministry in a post-Christian world. That is why I’m excited about this cohort with Jake Kircher and friends.
He’s leading the charge to say 1) this is different than Bible-belt youth ministry, 2) this is hard, 3) this is exactly where the church must remain and grow! The community, creativity, and conversations that will exist in this cohort will be worth it immediately and over the long haul.

Jake is the right person to lead this specialized YMCP cohort. And he’s right to include a handful of other folks in the trenches with him to guide the conversations and make this cohort as robust as possible.

Word is already out about this cohort. There are only 7 spots left and a bunch of people interested. I hope you’ll consider participating for your sake and the sake of the Gospel in your community. Maybe you know someone who’d benefit from this cohort, too. Forward this email to them for everyone’s sake!

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