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Why you need peers

Yesterday, I hung out with a dozen or so youth workers for a half day spiritual retreat. It was a great day. I left personally refreshed and thankful to Brian and Danny for putting it together.

As we debriefed our time together several of the people in the circle shared how much they needed that time. It was inconvenient, it was in the middle of their work week, they felt guilty for taking the time away. But they needed it.

I couldn’t agree more. Each year I hear from lots of friends in youth ministry who have lost their jobs. Sadly, some lose their families. And as the screenshot above shows… some of them lose their freedom as a result of their mistakes. 

Youth ministry is a unique role in the church. We struggle to fit in. We sometimes struggle ourselves to want to fit in. And the net result is that a seemingly majority of youth workers feel isolated and lonely in their calling.

Lonely is a bad place to be as a leader.

It’s a little early to talk about resolutions for 2013. But let me encourage you: Resolve to get some peers in 2013. 

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Why you need peers

  1. What did you all do at this?

    1. The agenda was pretty basic. We had a light breakfast together, had a spiritual director lead us for about 90 minutes, then gave folks space to be alone with God, followed by a lunch.

      9:30 – 1:30. It was a nice little half day!

  2. Like! Such a valuable way to spend a 1/2 day and still have time to finish a few things up at the office.

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