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What’s different about your youth ministry?


Summer is officially dwindling. Camps, mission trips, and vacations are winding down while thoughts of band camp, high school football, and back-to-school shopping are creeping in.

The sun is setting microscopically sooner each night. And every once in a while you feel a breeze hinting coolness from somewhere cold.

This is the cycle of youth ministry. Students graduate and move out and new students excitedly move up.

Within the cycle of youth ministry summer is also a time of renewed vision. We wrap-up the school year exhausted. We want to do better, we tweak some ideas, we work within our structures to fold in new ideas.

Every youth group starts the year off with high hopes.

And so I ask a simple question: What’s really going to be different this year? 

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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “What’s different about your youth ministry?

  1. We’re shooting for 2 new goals this year for Sr. High.
    1. A specific “invite event” each month, which will vary greatly each month in structure, etc. Keep us focused more outward.
    2. Bible App interaction. Faithlife Study Bible “community notes” section for dialogue every Monday and Thursday to help them grow during the week/accountability/support. Passage+Simple Question to reply to and read others replies. One small step for teens, one greater step into God’s word.

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