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Welcome April Diaz

April Diaz

I’m really excited to welcome April Diaz to our team at the Cartel as our Director of Coaching.

April isn’t new to us… she’s been a friend to Marko and myself for years. From a Cartel perspective, she spoke at The Summit in 2012 and last fall we published her first book, Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker.

This year April has been leading our first ever Women in Youth Ministry cohort of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program… and somewhere in the midst of all of that we starting asking ourselves, “Hey, what would it look like to bring April onto the team to really bring some dedicated leadership to YMCP?

What is April going to do at the Cartel?

She’s going to provide leadership for a few specific things:

  1. She’ll be a part of several new cohorts of YMCP starting soon.
  2. She’s going to help us continue to improve YMCP programmatically, engaging with our alumni, and helping us tell the YMCP story better to prospective people/organizations.
  3. Having a dedicated person to think especially about YMCP means she’ll help us dream up new stuff, she’s got great ideas for expanding YMCP.
  4. Outside of YMCP you’ll see April at The Summit this Fall as well as other stuff.
  5. She’s also helping us develop a couple new initiatives that are launching later in 2014.
  6. As a member of our team she’ll also speak into some of the other stuff we’re doing in publishing and events. Let’s just call that “other duties as assigned” because I absolutely hate that on a job description! 

So that’s the scoop. We’re very pleased to have April.

Join us in welcoming her in the comments below!

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