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We are looking for a few more teams for mission trips to Baja, Mexico

I am in search of 4-5 more groups who’d like to do a mission trip with me in 2019.

With all that’s transpired at the border we’ve lost a few groups even though our work isn’t at the border. Sigh. We’d love to replace those groups with new ones and I need your help to do that.

Trips are most popular in the summer but really we can do any time.

We primarily work in Ensenada, about 65 miles south of the border. Your trip starts and finishes in San Diego. (If you’re from SoCal and want to drive, that’s OK too.)

What do your mission trips do?
Each trip is fully customized, so it could be a wide variety of things. In everything we do we partner with local churches to advance their existing ministry. We get to know your team and then our group of pastors in Ensenada pair you with a congregation that they feel is a good fit. Most of our partner churches will only receive one team per year… and we have a good number of churches who would love to welcome a team.

Will we work with the migrant caravan in any way?
Every trip includes some education about border issues. I’ll tailor this to your team.

At this time we don’t have partners working with the migrant caravan who are looking to host teams. We are supporting local churches in Tijuana the best that we can.

Do you do construction?
Not really. We are not a house building ministry. We have funded some construction projects at local churches but our primary ministry is to build up and encourage the work of the local church.

Our hope is that you’ll consider coming back and working with the same congregation year after year.

Where do we stay?
Most groups will stay at a local church. If you’d like to pay more there are hotels available.

Who leads the trips?
I’m the point person for everything PPM is doing in Baja. So there’s a good chance I’ll actually be your trip leader. We work very, very closely with our local group of pastors as well. Everything we do is under the authority and working alongside the local church.

We also have a great staff, mostly made up of people who live in Ensenada.

Do I need to know Spanish?
Obviously, the more Spanish you know the better. But all of our staff speak both English and Spanish.

How much is it and what’s included?
Our trips are $595 per person for 6 days. This included transportation, meals, and the ministry. Basically, you get your group to the border and we take care of the rest. (There may be additional costs if your group wants to do a special project.)

How many people do I need?
Generally, the minimum group size is 15. We can handle groups of up to 50.

Where do I get more info? 

Right here.

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