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Want to get featured in Cartel Culture? Here’s how.

Our weekly newsletter, Cartel Culture, is sent to youth workers around the world. It’s simple, innovative design makes it easy to engage with our six featured articles.

Two ways to get your thoughts featured

  1. (The hard way) Send us a link via Twitter or Facebook or our contact form. Each week Marko and I look at dozens of great articles and fresh research and pick six to feature. Feel free to suggest something from your website or blog. (Or just something awesome we need to look at.)
  2. (The much easier way) Submit a guest blog post. Over on the right sidebar of the blog you can create an account. (free) Any logged in member of the site can submit a guest post for review. We’ll take a look at it and if it fits… we’ll post it. Your post will go out to hundreds of folks who subscribe via RSS. And there is a very high likelihood your post will be mentioned in an upcoming edition of Cartel Culture.


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