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Viva, Next, and First Testament now available at Download Youth Ministry

As we at The Youth Cartel are streamlining and refocusing, we’ve partnered with our friends at Download Youth Ministry to be the exclusive place to purchase lines of curriculum we developed: Viva, Next, and First Testament. We’re happy these excellent resources will get the broader exposure they deserve!

And, your favorite Cartel still has, and will continue to develop, unique and helpful downloadable curriculum and creative interactive resources.

Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Viva, Next, and First Testament now available at Download Youth Ministry

  1. Today I discovered the shift to offering your downloadable curriculum through DYM, and it wasn’t a good one. Although I can understand that financially or logistically that this shift may have needed to happen, I am frustrated by the difficulty to access your materials now. When I discovered YC 7 years ago, I FINALLY had a place where the theology was well researched AND progressive. Where students were encouraged to think and process and discern along with the Spirit. Where the curriculum wasn’t about doctrination but about discovery of the richness of faith and Scripture. And now, it is mixed up with curriculum that for years I’ve had to re-write or edit or purchase and then scrap all together. Searching under “Youth Cartel” yields nothing, and it isn’t an option under the author tab either. Although I do get the Viva curriculum by searching “viva”, “Next” results in zero matches. Can you ask them to make a change to that? When I click on a product, I also can’t tell from which source/author/publishing house it came. And that info makes a HUGE difference. I do hope that a broader audience accesses your material. I’m just not sure how to make this new set-up work for my ministry.

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