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update on available spaces in the Youth Ministry Coaching Program

The Youth Ministry Coaching Program changes lives. For reals. Here are a couple of the most recent responses we’ve received from people who just completed the program:

What can you learn after being in youth ministry for ten+ years? Everything! Imagine getting to have a conversation with someone fresh into the field like you were AND those who have been in it longer; to be re-energized for the work, to be encouraged and renewed, and to be reminded why you do this work in the first place. The cohort experience is like choreographing your soul to be intertwined with your ministry, to name your values and live into them more fully in your personal and professional life. It’s nuts and bolts, practical skills, AND forming meaningful connections and friendships with people who love youth, God, and making a difference in the church and the world. (Shannon LeMaster-Smith)

I was skeptical about being a part of a cohort of Youth Ministers (in fact I’m still a little put-off by that phrasing). But you’ve got to get over yourself, buddy. My church’s ministry has been shaped and energized for the better because of my time with Mark and my new friends. While I’m certain there are still plenty of Youth Ministry resources out there that are not worth your time, YMCP is not one of them. (Andrew Tripp)

We are currently filling about 10 cohorts, and many of them are VERY close to filling up and launching (cohorts typically launch 3 – 4 months after reaching capacity, and participants are all involved in selecting meeting dates).

Here’s the current status. Contact Marko ( or April ( if you have questions or interest!

Multi-Site Church Youth Ministry cohort — this one is actually launching. We’re currently working on scheduling our first meeting for September. But we could add one or two more people.

Houston cohort — we have 8 of the 10 spots filled. Hoping to fill this cohort soon and start working toward an August or September launch.

Charlotte UMC cohort — our 6th Charlotte UMC cohort! these spots are fully funded by the generous Western North Carolina Conference. 6 of the 10 spots are currently spoken for. If you’re a Methodist youth worker in Western NC, you can’t pass this up. Contact Monica Childers (

Pittsburgh cohort — 5 of the 10 spots are taken, but there are 3 more who are just-about confirmed. So we’re hoping this cohort will fill soon and launch in early fall. It’s a slightly unique format, with 3 meetings of 2 days, and 3 meetings of 1 day (all meetings at Crestfield Camp in Slippery Rock).

North Georgia UMC cohort — an amazing opportunity for Methodist youth workers in North Georgia, as the conference provides a matching grant of $1500, cutting your cost in half. Non-Methodists are actually totally welcome in this cohort, but wouldn’t get the matching grant assistance. Lots of room in this cohort still, but we are hoping to launch later this year.

West Coast and Charlotte Level 2 cohorts — these cohorts are exclusively for graduates of any of our Level 1 cohorts. The West Coast Level 2 cohort has 6 of 8 spots filled, and the Charlotte Level 2 cohort has 8 of 10 spots filled (and there’s one remaining spot that comes with $2000 of support for a Western NC UMC participant).

Onramp cohort — our new Onramp cohorts will be a different format, intentionally created for youth workers in their first three years of ministry. No travel for these babies, and a fraction of the cost of a full cohort. Plenty of room at this point.

If you want to look at more info before contacting us, you can always check out the coaching page on our website, and download the program overview brochure.

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