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Top 10 Reasons the “Women in Youth Ministry Campference” Rocked

Last year we had a our first Women in Youth Ministry Campference near Asheville, NC. We didn’t entirely know what to expect, but we believed it would be awesome. It was.

It actually rocked.IMG_8164

As we plan for this year’s Campference (April 13-15th at Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina), I thought it’d be fun to share the Top 10 things I thought rocked about our inaugural gathering.

  1. We instantly made dozens of new friends. Very few women came to WYMC with anyone else. But immediately our meeting space and hallways were filled with laughter and conversations. We came together as strangers and left as friends.
  2. The tone was so positive and encouraging. Never was there male bashing (that’s just dumb and a waste of time!). We didn’t spend much time feeling sorry for ourselves for the issues we face. We came together to be empowered. And we were!
  3. We’ve been connecting all year long in a secret Facebook group. It’s been so amazing to see connections deepen and grow post-campference. A shared experience is no small thing.
  4. We got away. As women in youth ministry, there aren’t many (any?) places where we can be together without responsibilities or roles to fulfill. But we were cared for and loved in a beautiful space. I even went for a run in the Spring splendor of the camp!
  5. We > Me. There wasn’t weird girl-rivalry. We didn’t vie ‘position’ or try and prove how important we were. Being together was more important that what “I” do.
  6. We planned and lead and taught in team. It wasn’t a one person show at any step along the way. Our core planning team was sacrificial and strong in their contribution (yay Rachel and Leneita!). Our teachers gave of their time and gifts so generously. How many conferences do you go to where you have lunch with the speakers? You do at WY11203056_10206448746520358_1502597790988368896_nMC. 🙂
  7. We had space. No one woke us up in the morning. We got to drink an entire cup of coffee without interruptions. We ate
    meals that were cooked for us. We had time in the afternoon to go for a hike, take a nap, or sit on the porch with a friend. I mean, seriously….WHEN DO WE EVER GET TO DO THAT IN OUR EVERYDAY LIVES? Exactly.
  8. Our callings were affirmed. We heard truth from God’s word that what we do matters to the young women AND men in our ministries. We were reminded that our voice is necessary for this next generation to know what following Jesus looks like. We were strengthened not to give up when the going gets hard, but to lean on God and one another and stay the course.
  9. We did what we wanted. Of course there was a schedule for our 2.5 days together. But ultimately, we decided what we wanted to participate in and when we needed to create our own schedule. That kind of freedom led to great refreshment and being re-energized!

And the last reason it rocked….IMG_8165

#10 It was unequivocally decided we must do it again this year. So we are! We are going to be at the gorgeous Montreat Conference Center April 13-15th. Find out all the deets HERE and JOIN US!


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