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tinkerers vs. artists

look at this photo (sent to me by kevin winningham):

what’s your gut reaction?

is it something along the lines of “oh, that’s so beautiful! i want go stand in the middle of it and twirl around!”


is it something along the lines of “man, someone needs to change out that one lightbulb!”

if your first response is the former, you’ve probably got a bit of an artist in you. maybe you don’t paint or draw or sculpt. but you’re an artist. you’re an appreciator of beauty.

if your response is the latter, you’ve probably got a bit of a tinkerer in you. you want to — or are compelled to — continually look for ways to tweak things and make them better.

if you’re an artist:

embrace it. the church needs more youth workers who are artists. you see the beauty of god’s work in progress in the lives of teenagers. you are able to paint a picture of grace and forgiveness and love and the kingdom of god in a way that others can only dream of. help us move forward in youth ministry with your artist’s eye and heart.

if you’re a tinkerer:

we’ve never needed you more. the church needs youth workers who will try new things, experiment, take risks, and, well, change out the dead lightbulbs. don’t apologize for your tendency to tweak things. nurture your restlessness, and don’t settle for ‘just ok’.

if you’re either one:

appreciate the other. surround yourself with people who see things differently than you do. empower them, seek their input, and listen, listen, listen.

if we’re going to live into a revolution in youth ministry, we desperately need both artists and tinkerers. youth worker: know thyself; and lead us all.

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “tinkerers vs. artists

  1. LOVE this post … keep it up!!! BTW – I am a tinker.

  2. What if you’re a mutt of both?! I’m still trying to figure out what I am, but I know I need to surround myself with both types.

    And FYI: Your Sign in with Facebook is broken!

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