Kisha Sipe – 2017 NC UMC cohort

A journey that may not have happened, but I am so glad it did. When beginning this journey, I had recently lost my job in Family Ministry (Children and Youth Ministry). I decided that to make my ministry better for the future this would be of great help and boy, did it ever. This experience was something amazing. I came in with a different situation than the others in my group yet, I never felt like I did not belong. Not only did I learn so much to help in my ministry and calling, but I also learned that with a strong faith I could overcome so many of the obstacles that came into my path, both in my professional and in my personal life. I have become a stronger person, deepened my faith, and made some wonderful friends along the way. I am so very thankful that I did not back out of this group and I will take all that I have learned from this Cohort wherever God may lead me.

Meredith Hinton – 2017 NC Level 2 cohort

My experience in the Level 2 Youth Ministry Coaching Cohort was a breath of fresh air. The opportunity to delve into thought provoking conversation with colleagues in youth ministry plus the opportunity to search deeper into my personal, professional, and spiritual life was priceless. Not only have I grown as a minister, but I’ve grown as a wife, a mother, and a friend. Our group in particular formed a bond that will last a lifetime. I am grateful to God for people to commune with in times of trial and in times of joy. The time and energy I invested in Level 2 will benefit me for a lifetime. The Youth Cartel offers a pretty special and powerful ministry to youth workers. I am thankful to be an alum of this awesome program.

Ed Sutter – 2017 NC Level 2 cohort

It’s hard to pick out which part of YMCP has been most beneficial. Need some professional support? Expect it. Need some good folks to lean on? Get ready to meet them. Having a hard time with discernment, direction or purpose? Lean in and open your arms; it’s all here. If you want to move forward in any area of your life or ministry, YMCP will help. YMCP has given me the energy to run toward where I feel God calling, the strength to believe that uncomfortable may very well be exactly what my life needs, and the support and accountability I’ll need to keep my foot on the gas.

Joanna Capps – 2017 NC Level 2 cohort

Level 2 of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program is a deeper, more intense program that will give you the opportunity to question, reflect and discover who you really are in your personal and professional life. This program came available at a time when I needed it more than I could even know when i signed up. The YMCP Level 2 is for those who desire a new level of learning in youth ministry and a deeper connection to the youth ministers you will be with during your time together. You will be inspired and affirmed by people who share your passions and your calling to youth. Who could ask for anything more? I cannot recommend participating in this program highly enough! It is a truly life-giving experience!

Leigh Randall – 2017 NC Level 2 cohort

This past year’s journey through the Level 2 Cohort proved to be a time of growth that I didn’t think would be possible after 20 years of student ministry. Marko both taught us and facilitated our conversations in ways that were challenging and uplifting. God assembled a cohort group that felt like family when family functions at its best. I felt both affirmed but also pushed to go beyond who I thought I was, making steps towards who God continues to call me to be. With the foundation of the Level 1 and Level 2 Cohorts, I feel equipped for the next chapter of my life and ministry!

Eva Kampwerth – 2017 NC UMC cohort

Thanks to a yearlong journey I have met some amazing like-minded youth leaders, coaches and spiritual advisers that helped bring me closer in my walk with Christ. This group taught me how to be a more confident and strong leader to all children and youth God places in my path of ministry. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Jessica Dalton – 2017 NC UMC cohort

Being a part of the cohort has changed my life so drastically in both personal and professional ways. I have been pushed, challenged, encouraged and humbled through this experience. I didn’t know what I had inside me until I was able to dig around and find it through this amazing experience. Not only am I extremely blessed to have learned from someone so well versed in youth ministry, but I’ve also gained relationships with people I can turn to and ask anything, and to whom I can also call friends.

Savanah Aldridge – 2017 NC UMC cohort

Being a part of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program has completely changed every facet of my life. Professionally, relationally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, personally, theologically, etc. It allowed me to be a part of a safe, supporting community. I was able to be honest with the reflection of my life in the mirror with God, myself, and others. I was constantly reminded to reorient to God in every situation.

This program was the make or break difference for me as a new, young professional in church ministry. It has proved to be the most educating, applicable, and spiritual opportunity offered in all my training as a youth minister. This program is essential for anyone pursuing excellent youth ministry as a vocation, and/or, a career of the soul (a God calling).

Mark Oestreicher leads with passion, scholarship, discernment, gentleness, and empathetic wisdom. I feel blessed to call him my friend, and more so a mentor and resource. Take advantage of his sage-ness.

Charlie Condor leads with deep insight of professional development and soul care. She gifts tough love and instruction that most would shy away from. Charlie has a heart for ministers and their well being like no other, and resources for days. Take advantage of her experienced advise and counsel.

Mack King, IV – 2017 NC UMC cohort

Being a part of this family of transformation and faith has expanded my personal and vocational self to levels that I never imagined possible. Every facet of my life has changed for the better after being a part of the YMCP Level 1 Cohort with Marko.  Anyone looking for a catalyst to change (personally or in ministry), ideas for critically thinking outside of the box, or growth of any sort need look no farther than this program. God has clearly blessed the YMCP and its facilitators, and He is actively furthering His Kingdom through it.

Margie Ligon – 2017 NC UMC cohort

As a seasoned Youth Director and seminary graduate I joined the YMCP cohort with great reservation. I could not image that participating in this cohort could possibly be the best thing for me to do with such limited time and energy. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most meaningful and beneficial experiences in my life. What a gift to be connected with others so passionate about being the best servants they can for the kingdom of God. Through the engagement with my cohort, who offered me so much love and support, I have grown personally in my spiritual walk and professionally in ministry. Participating in an YMCP cohort is definitely a gift to oneself that will help you learn your value and how to make a positive impact on those whom you serve.