Anonymous — 2018 Women’s cohort

The Women in Youth Ministry Cohort was a lifesaver for me! I was approaching burnout and knew I needed a coach if I was going to stay in ministry. Charlie helped me realize that I could end my time with my current ministry and focus on the ministry I am really passionate about! And I can’t put into words how encouraging it was to be surrounded by women who were going through similar challenges and celebrations in their ministries and personal lives. It was refreshing and affirming to hear over and over, “Same here! I thought I was the only one!” -Anonymous

Sharon Hilliard — 2018 Women’s cohort

Being a part of the Cartel’s Women’s Youth Ministry Cohort was a life changing experience for me. As a veteran youth minister (over 22 years) it breathed new life into my ministry, empowered me to make significant changes in my personal and vocational life, and gifted me with connections to others in youth ministry that I will always treasure. This cohort supported and breathed new life into me spiritually and practically. I now have tools, prayer support, and confidence to lead and minister wherever God places me. -Sharon Hilliard

Alex Gill — 2018 Women’s cohort

The Youth Cartel’s Coaching Cohort empowered me to take control of my need for self care as a youth ministry leader. The encouragement found from my coach and other group members reminded of my value and identity in Christ when feeling discouraged in this calling. This experience changed my life! I am now able to serve God’s Kingdom more effectively with restored energy and vision. -Alex Gill

Rebekah Little – 2017 Pittsburgh cohort

Because of all the information I learned through YMPC I totally changed how I did youth ministry at my church. I also did a lot of soul searching and came out with a better understanding of who I am and how God made me fit for the youth ministry I serve.

Jason Freyer – 2017 Pittsburgh cohort

I joined this cohort thinking that it would be a season of professional development, and that was certainly true. What was an unexpected blessing was the incredible depths of personal growth I was encouraged to find. Our coaches were able to peer beyond the surface level persona I offered the world, and speak incredible truths about what the Spirit of God is up to in my life. I carry with me a newfound sense of confidence, resiliency, and leadership that I was unaware I was capable of. Anyone who is interested in being an outstanding youth pastor in addition to a complete and whole child of God should sign up today!

Amy Grella – 2017 Pittsburgh cohort

Being a new part-time and non-ordained youth worker, I went to the YMCP training with not much more expectation than networking with others doing similar work.  I can’t express in words how much more YMCP is than that!  The Cohort provided a safe environment for me to be wholly myself and realize that all weaknesses (personal and professional) are opportunities for growth.  Mark-O and the coaches shared detailed, proven tools and insights along with both the space to explore the tools with the support and accountability for me to succeed.  I gained exponential confidence in myself and my calling to be a youth worker.  It has transformed the way we do youth ministry…it’s just awesome!

Heather Campbell – 2017 Pittsburgh cohort

In YMCP, I was able to build relationships with both seasoned and new youth workers. I was able to receive valuable resources and tools to bring back to my church and help to move them forward. And I was able to be lifted up and challenged to be the best version of myself I can be.

Steph Martin – 2017 Pittsburgh cohort

YMCP helped me hone my ministry skills, but even more than that it helped me grow more holistically as a leader and a person. Through group processing and feedback as well as individual coaching I was challenged and supported to live fully into the person and leader that God is calling me to be.

Chad Johnson – 2017 Pittsburgh cohort

For someone who has been in youth ministry for over 2 decades and has participated in many conferences, seminars, action teams, retreats, leadership training and so on…I have to say that the YMCP has been and should continue to be the most valuable experience for enhancing not only my leadership and ministry skills but also my ability to be a better spouse, father, and overall caregiver to others.  By creating a space that allows each individual to explore their strengths, insecurities, triumphs, and failures the YMCP gives each participant the freedom to authentically reprioritize and challenge themselves and the ministries they serve.  Any participant who takes this opportunity seriously and is open to growing personally and vocationally will be given a new sense of purpose, focus, enlightenment, and energy for where and how God is calling them to be used.  The support and encouraging environment that is created through the fun and sustaining friendships provides an atmosphere that is ideal for idea sharing, constructive feedback, truth sharing, and certainly some “sneaky Jesus” moments.  I strongly recommend this experience to anyone who is called to youth ministry whether you are new to your call or an old dog that has done and seen most everything.  Engage the process fully and you will not be disappointed!

Rush Beam – 2017 multi-site church cohort

More. What is the Youth Cartel’s Youth Ministry Coaching Program? It’s more. It’s more than coaching. It’s more than a conference. It’s more than training. It’s the single richest program I have ever had the pleasure of going through in my professional life. It’s a deep dive into our wholeness as people, professionals and children of God. It’s worth every penny and ever second you dedicate to it.