Amanda Mackey – 2017 Ministry Architects

I have really enjoyed my time in this cohort! As someone in her first full time youth ministry position, having the support system has been wonderful! I have met some awesome people and learned so much about myself! The cohort gives you the tools you need to develop yourself as a leader. It also gives you the framework you need to grow a stronger, more faithful ministry. I’m grateful to the Youth Cartel and Ministry Architects for creating the space that is so desperately needed for those of us in youth ministry. I know that I am surrounded by other faithful youth leaders that are going through the same struggles that I am. It’s such a blessing to know that we are in this together.

Mandy Rogers – 2017 Ministry Architects

I’m a part-time youth minister at a small church, so the cost of the cohort was a little intimidating. But I knew God was leading me to participate, and wow, it’s been worth every penny and then some. The relationships I’ve formed have been such an encouragement, and the individualized coaching has given me the tools specific to my context that I’ve needed to increase my impact. Thank you Youth Cartel and Ministry Architects!

Elley Fisk – 2016 Northern GA

Being a part of this cohort was a great decision. I have to admit I was very hesitant at first. Marko called and we talked through my questions and it made me feel like being a part of the cohort would be a great step. Since I was new to my church but have been in ministry for 15 years, I figured this would be a different kind of continuing education experience than big conferences. Throughout the year I was challenged by leadership teachings, personal sharing and relationships with my cohort members. This has been a great way to it start off right in a new ministry, and our students, ministry team, volunteers and church have benefited from my participation in YMCP.

Beth Morris – 2016 Northern Georgia

As a long term youth worker, I was looking for new kinds of training when I discovered the Youth Ministry Coaching Program. It was so much more than training! The cohort was a spiritual experience as well as a time of grow in self-awareness, all while learning and developing new ministry ideas. Well worth the time and money.

Betsy Haley – 2016 Northern Georgia

YMCP not only equips you with an amazing amount of ideas and knowledge to catapult your ministry to the next level but it also equips you on how to be your best self in the ministry God is calling you to do. You are challenged to be still and reflect on your ministry and life. You are given encouragement and feedback on what is going on in your heart. All of this mixed together gives you tools to take back to your church and your individual ministry. I encourage you to step out on faith and encourage yourself to grow a little. You will not be disappointed.

Corey Milliet – 2014 NC Cohort

Participating in The Youth Cartel cohorts is one of the greatest ways that you can grow and develop not only your ministry but yourself. This is a holistic experience that will nurture your mind, body, and soul in a way that is real, authentic, and vulnerable. It is a place where you can ask the questions you have always wanted to about church/ministry/teenagers, because you are sitting with people who get it! They know what ministry is truly about, and they will encourage and support you far beyond your time in cohort. You will become family.

Erin Betlej – 2015 Grad

Participation in a cohort with The Youth Cartel is an active choice to fully engage in your personal and professional ministry life. It’s choosing to acknowledge the beauty in your life. It’s leaning into the yucky, messy parts that we want to hide. Yes, you’ll learn skills and collect tools to be a better youth pastor, but maybe more importantly, you’ll refine your identity and become a better follower of Jesus.

Joanna Capps – 2015 Grad

The Youth Ministry Coaching Program has been an incredibly enriching experience in my life. The amount of growth that I have accomplished in the last year as a leader, minister to youth and more importantly as a person have everything to do with being a part of the YMCP program. The bond that is facilitated by Marko between the participants in the group allows for deep trust and accountability to develop and create authentic friendship and personal growth for all those involved.

Keely DeBoever – 2015 Grad

I applied for the Youth Ministry Coaching Program thinking that it would help me learn some new tricks for Youth Ministry. I am graduating from the program as a better leader, a better minister, a better wife, a better friend, and a better person. I learned so much about myself through this process, and my approach to ministry will be forever changed because of it. I also gained friends in ministry for LIFE…making it a priceless experience!