Savanah Aldridge – 2017 NC UMC cohort

Being a part of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program has completely changed every facet of my life. Professionally, relationally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, personally, theologically, etc. It allowed me to be a part of a safe, supporting community. I was able to be honest with the reflection of my life in the mirror with God, myself, and others. I was constantly reminded to reorient to God in every situation.

This program was the make or break difference for me as a new, young professional in church ministry. It has proved to be the most educating, applicable, and spiritual opportunity offered in all my training as a youth minister. This program is essential for anyone pursuing excellent youth ministry as a vocation, and/or, a career of the soul (a God calling).

Mark Oestreicher leads with passion, scholarship, discernment, gentleness, and empathetic wisdom. I feel blessed to call him my friend, and more so a mentor and resource. Take advantage of his sage-ness.

Charlie Condor leads with deep insight of professional development and soul care. She gifts tough love and instruction that most would shy away from. Charlie has a heart for ministers and their well being like no other, and resources for days. Take advantage of her experienced advise and counsel.