Paul Maletic — 2018 Houston Cohort

Over my 17 years of youth ministry, I have done all sort of conferences, retreats and trainings. I entered into the Youth Cartel’s yearlong cohort program (YMCP) a little unsure of what to expect and skeptical of what I might really learn, yet I felt a need to do some kind of continued youth ministry learning after surviving 10 years post seminary and ordination. However, the open space created for personal connection, professional reflection & growth as well as vocational peer group conversations was wonderfully overwhelming. The cohort’s questions, support and process has sharpened my call and given me new traction in my ministry. The Youth Cartel brings together a great intersection of ministry & business development with a Spirit-led vulnerability of personal investment & discernment. I recommend anyone who cares about youth get to know The Youth Cartel’s written curriculum and training resources. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone needing to re-discern or re-image their ministry to give one of the cohorts a try – it is amazing what God can do over the course of a year with the right voices, thoughts & questions at your side!

– Paul Maletic