Mark Allen – 2013 Grad

YMCP is a life-giving endeavor. Marko is one of those guys who has a unique ability to mess you up in a great way. I was personally challenged, encouraged, loved, and affirmed, all while learning things that changed me as a youth worker. This is absolutely worth the investment.

Caution: If you are afraid of growth, affirmation and encouragement, then YMCP is not for you. Happy to be stagnant and unchallenged? Read no further. With sage-like wisdom, Mark Oestreicher has forgotten more about youth ministry that most youth workers ever know. The YMCP allowed me to soak up all kinds of awesome. If you are the kind of youth worker who wants to engage with culture, learn and grow, be vulnerable, make a bigger impact, become more self-aware and do this with other like minded people, you have found the right place.