Kristen Glover — 2018 Houston Cohort

YMCP (Youth Ministry Coaching Program) is a year long continuing education opportunity for youth ministers to hone their own leadership skills and learn how to build a healthy contextual youth ministry. In trying to find words to describe this process, I struggle to measure the impact it has had on my personal and professional life. This program, or spiritual journey, as I would like to call it, has helped me to focus on the important things in life and ministry. I have learned new ways of how to seek out God’s wisdom, love and grace in the midst of this chaotic thing called life. More importantly, I have been taught how to help my youth find the same wisdom, love and grace in their lives. Last, but not least, I was gifted with a new found community of ministry peers whose insight and friendship have been invaluable over the course of this year. I would highly recommend any of my youth ministry friends looking for “what’s next” in their training to talk with Mark Oestreicher about YMCP.

– Kristen Glover