Kevin Hackett — 2018 Houston Cohort

Choosing to participate in the YMCP Level 1 cohort is one of the best career decisions I’ve made. Through this amazing yearlong cohort, I learned so much more than I expected. Like many educational programs, I expected to learn some practical ways to improve my ministry to teens and families. The content of this cohort far exceeded that expectation, though. While we learned many practical things, it transcended practical and went deep into foundational and formational aspects of ministry that I didn’t even realize I was lacking.

After 15 years of ministry experience, I had no idea how my ministry could be impacted by addressing some of the things learned in this cohort. But to take it a step further, and maybe the thing that sets YMCP apart is the way Marko intentionally got me to a place where I was not just evaluating and improving my ministry from a professional standpoint, but I’ve been changed personally. A good portion of our time was spent digging deep into the personal aspects of life that affect who we are. Through YMCP I was changed both professionally and personally and it has reinvigorated my passion for youth ministry in ways that no college course or conference ever has. I can’t wait to participate in a level 2 cohort!

– Kevin Hackett