Jason Elam – 2013 Grad

When I joined The Youth Cartel’s YMCP, my soul was a gaping wound from years of personal and ministry heartbreaks. Today, after our final meeting, I can say with certainty that God has used this experience to heal me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be healed. Our cohort has been one of the most life-giving, affirming, clarifying, and empowering experiences of my life. If you are one of ministry’s wounded warriors, or just a minister who is unclear about what the future holds, then you need to get signed up for YMCP today. Through personal coaching, guided reading assignments, and interaction with your fellow cohort members, God will heal your heart, renew your soul, rekindle your passion for Jesus, and equip you for the road ahead. Don’t wait another minute. Send in your application today. It’s absolutely worth every penny and every minute you’ll invest over the next year.