Gerald Faulkner – 2015 Grad

The opportunity for me, a volunteer, to take part in this awesome group has proved to be one of the most important blessings I’ve experienced in ministry. From the first meeting to the last we were real with one another. We became family fast. We spilled our pains and struggles on the floor, we stared at them, we touched them, we mulled over them, and then we helped each other get past them. I was challenged to be real with the dark places of my mind. I had to bring those things I’d hidden into the light for all to see. I found love and acceptance. I was taught that I play a larger role in the world, in ministry, then I thought I did or could. I learned so much that I still haven’t been able to put it all into affect, but I leave it in the recesses of my mind to mull over how to use the tools, skills, and ideas that were discussed during our times together. I hate that our “time” is over, but I look forward to seeing how each one of us is changed, and how our changes effect our future. This was truly an experience to last a lifetime.