Dave Hubbard – 2015 Grad

Having participated in the Youth Cartel’s one-year YMCP cohort, I’ve experienced the most significant youth ministry training of my entire life (and I’ve been to a lot of them). It has helped me to be a more intentional leader in many areas of youth ministry, both personally and professionally. The main reason? I am now looking back on some of the most personalized input I’ve ever received from such a respected and well-versed youth ministry training organization. This has allowed me to read suggested books that were tailored to me in my specific ministry setting (something you don’t get at other training programs), I received personal coaching sessions over the course of the year (again, don’t get that elsewhere) and brainstormed strategies with people who became more than strangers. Overall, I’ve felt a deeper sense of direction for where I’m going, have seen the leadership around me in my church rise to a new level as I’ve implemented very personally applicable action plans and have sensed a new level of creativity stirred up within me. And if all that weren’t enough, I’ve found new friends and colleagues from this group of crazy youth pastors that were a privilege to hang out with for a whole year. I can’t speak highly enough about the YMCP cohort and what it has meant to me!