Chad Johnson – 2017 Pittsburgh cohort

For someone who has been in youth ministry for over 2 decades and has participated in many conferences, seminars, action teams, retreats, leadership training and so on…I have to say that the YMCP has been and should continue to be the most valuable experience for enhancing not only my leadership and ministry skills but also my ability to be a better spouse, father, and overall caregiver to others.  By creating a space that allows each individual to explore their strengths, insecurities, triumphs, and failures the YMCP gives each participant the freedom to authentically reprioritize and challenge themselves and the ministries they serve.  Any participant who takes this opportunity seriously and is open to growing personally and vocationally will be given a new sense of purpose, focus, enlightenment, and energy for where and how God is calling them to be used.  The support and encouraging environment that is created through the fun and sustaining friendships provides an atmosphere that is ideal for idea sharing, constructive feedback, truth sharing, and certainly some “sneaky Jesus” moments.  I strongly recommend this experience to anyone who is called to youth ministry whether you are new to your call or an old dog that has done and seen most everything.  Engage the process fully and you will not be disappointed!