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The 10 TED Talks every youth leader should watch (1)

I love TED talks. They’re often inspiring, challenging and it’s a quick and easy way to get fresh perspectives and new ideas.

For youth leaders, TED talks are a brilliant resource. I’ve truly learned a lot by watching a few talks each month and in this post, I want to share my favorites with you. Here are the 10 TED talks that every youth leader should watch:

1. Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

This is the ultimate TED talk in my opinion. It’s brilliant, it’s funny, it’s personal and it will completely change your perspective and paradigm. Literally life changing.

[ted id=1042]

2. Philip Zimbardo – The demise of guys

This is the TED talk that introduced me to the concept of arousal addiction. What an eye opener!

[ted id=1206]


3. Peter Benson – How youth thrive

This talk from a non-Christian who is passionate about teens is such an encouragement.

4. Rita Pierson – Every kid needs a champion

The title doesn’t quite cover the content in this case, but listening to this passionate woman with 40 years experience in teaching kids is a delight. Here’s my take away: “No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.” Ain’t that the truth.

[ted id=1728]


5. Daphne Bavalier – Your brain on videogames

A refreshing and surprising take on the effect video games have on the brain. It contradicts other research I’ve read on this topic, which makes it even more fascinating. It’s proof that there are always two, or even more sides to a story…

[ted id=1618]


Don’t forget to check out 5 more TED talks every youth leader should watch. In the meantime, which one is your favorite and do you have any more talks you think are crucial for youth leaders to watch?

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “The 10 TED Talks every youth leader should watch (1)

    1. I completely agree, it’s in the second part of my top 10!

  1. The most helpful TED talk I’ve seen was Susan Cain on introversion. Have you seen that one?

    1. Absolutely, it was brilliant. It’s in the second part of my top 10!

  2. Rachel, Great job. These videos are great. I am gonna share one each week my my adult leaders to get them ready for the fall. Thanks! Keep sharing the videos.

    1. The second part will hopefully be posted tomorrow!

  3. The Brene Brown talk on vulnerability had me yelling affirmation at the screen. What a fantastic look at what real life is. I could probably preach an entire years worth of youth talks from the ideas presented in that video (all except the “I am enough” concept she closed with, which is close, but not quite truth.)

    1. I watched that video five times after each other the first time I encountered it. There’s so much in there, it just blew my mind. And like you said, it’s such an important message for young people as well!

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