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Talking with Teenagers about The Walking Dead



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We like getting teenagers talking.

It’s that simple. I prefer dialogue to monologue on any given day. Whenever I sit down with a teenager, my goal is to get him or her talking… and me listening.

It’s always fun to find elements in our culture that teenagers like talking about, and post-apocalyptic survival stories definitely fall into that mix. Name it, TV shows like The Walking Dead (currently the most popular series among 18-49-year-olds), or books like our own The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers. These stories get teenagers talking.

That’s why The Youth Cartel helped me launch The Gospel According to The Walking Dead just a few weeks ago. This fun little free resource provides you with discussion questions and scripture each week. AND NOW WE HAVE MOVED THIS BLOG TO ITS PERMANENT DOMAIN:

Jump on this site now and check out the discussion questions we’ve provided for episodes 1-3. And SIGN UP NOW to get these in your inbox. Episode 4 questions will be posted tomorrow!

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