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TAKE THE SURVEY: Help Us Do Mexico Missions Right

Starting this Fall I’m helping our missions partner, Praying Pelican Missions, get started in Tijuana and northern Baja, basically within 2 hours of the San Diego border.

This is an exciting step for our Cartel mission trips for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s close to home, literally. Most of our trips involve a lot of travel. It’s not that I don’t love traveling to far away places… it’s that it’s really awesome to be able to offer something within driving distance of my house.
  2. It’s close to home, figuratively. As San Diego resident I know that San Diego/Tijuana are really one community divided by a border. It’s really awesome to offer ministry opportunities for groups right in my backyard.
  3. It really is time for a reboot. Like a lot of youth ministry people we used to go to Northern Baja, too.  I’ve met a lot of people who stopped because they just didn’t feel right about how short-term trips were working out. I think the time is right to reboot what it looks like to partner with and encourage churches… I’ve seen tons of success around the Caribbean and Latin America, why not try to reboot things closer to home?

In short, I love PPMs philosophy of ministry and I’m doing this with them because I’ve seen their work in other areas of the world… they are doing great short-term missions in places that have lots of history of very bad short-term missions.

So I’m asking for 10 minutes of your time to take this short survey. I’m aware that launching this initiative comes with baggage for a lot of people. As we get going in TJ/Northern Baja we want to make sure we’re listening well to the hopes, questions, and concerns of people who have experienced good & bad missions in Mexico in the past so that we can make sure to avoid those pitfalls.

Likewise, as we develop partnerships with host churches I’d love to have a sense of what fellow North American churches might be interested in when it comes to partnering with a congregation in Northern Baja and the Tijuana area.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful input.

Take the Survey

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