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Introducing 1-on-1 Coaching

Every now and then you need someone outside your daily world to look at your life and ministry with fresh eyes. Sometimes you feel stuck in your current reality, other times there’s a problem you aren’t sure how to navigate. Sometimes you are wondering what’s your next step forward. Other times you’re experiencing a ceiling that you’re not sure how to break through.

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YMCP Cohorts We’re Filling

Whole-life Coaching Focusing on Transformation and Youth Ministry Development

The Youth Ministry Coaching Program will rock your world, build you up as a leader, and provide all sorts of insights and opportunities for transformation. With more than 250 graduates, we’re more convinced than ever about the power and value of this program.

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YMCP – A “Defining” Chapter

Over the course of my life, I can point to certain chapters that I would consider to be “defining.” They are times where I have seen my soul awakened, challenged and changed. They are chapters that I couldn’t have wished for or even written on my own, but that have been critical to shaping my heart. Being a part of the Youth Ministry Coaching Program was one of those chapters.

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A few spots left for YMCP Cohorts launching soon

Our flagship experience, YMCP is a whole-life coaching program rooted in personal and professional growth, wholeness, and leadership.

Below are two opportunities to join cohorts that will launch this Fall:

Women in Youth Ministry Cohort

  • Lead by April Diaz
  • 2-4 spots available
  • Launching September/October 2015
  • Cost is $2000 (+ Participant travel costs)

This whole-life coaching program is all about developing and empowering women in leadership. Being a woman in youth ministry is different. It demands unique skills and awareness as we approach the challenges and opportunities due to our gender.

We will learn across a scope of subjects focused on leadership development and youth ministry realities in this changing culture. This specialized cohort will have 8-10 women in leadership, and meets twice for 2 days plus 4 times online (2-3 hours each). Each component is very intentional and structured to provide encouragement, training, challenge, and transformation.

This cohort provides customized attention to your specific context and needs as a woman in youth ministry.



Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian Context Cohort

  • Lead by Jake Kircher (April Diaz or Marko will be part of one 2-day gathering)
  • 3-5 spots available
  • Launching September/October 2015
  • Cost is $1750 (+ Participant travel costs)

This whole-life coaching program is all about developing and equipping you as a youth worker within a Post-Christian context of ministry. How do you know if you’re in a Post-Christian context? Well, have you found traditional ministry strategies becoming less and less effective? Are you finding that it’s getting more difficult to get students to come to your church? Or that when you do, students have little to no church or Biblical context? Well, those are signs that your church or area may be Post-Christian. (You could also check out this post from Barna.)

Ministry within a Post-Christian world isn’t always easy. It’s a whole new world of ministry, which requires blazing a different trail in order to effectively reach students with the gospel. We will learn across a scope of subjects including theology, practical life realities, sociology, and issues defined by this group. Each time we meet is very intentional and structured to provide encouragement, challenge, and transformation. This cohort provides customized attention to your specific context and needs as a youth worker in a Post-Christian context.


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considering a fun event

so, here at The Youth Cartel, we have a handful of very cool events in development.  one of ’em is WAY cool and likely to happen, and we’ll get the info out on that, hopefully, by the end of the month.  but we’re busy exploring more.

one of the plans we’re fairly sure we’re going to try is:


this would be a one-time 4-day version of the youth ministry coaching program.  it would embody the same values, many of the same elements, and the same cohort approach.  but all in a compact version (meaning: less depth, but also less travel and cost).  maybe charge something like $900 (instead of the $3000 of the full YMCP).

however, there’s one version of that we’re considering at the moment, and i thought i’d toss it out here to our insiders to get a feel of whether or not there’s interest…


we have access to a gorgeous 75 foot motor yacht, with staterooms for 10 or so, if you don’t mind sharing a bed (not that it would be free, but we think we could get a good deal).  we talked about offering this as a couples’ retreat, since it makes such good sense with the bedroom situation. but we’re not clear that people (or churches) would be up for paying for 2 spaces).  hey, if that were possible, we’d be all over it.  but my thought is that there might be 10 youth workers who would pay that fee knowing that it includes all food and accommodations (but the accommodations are shared, as in, 2 people in a shared bed in a stateroom). the location would be in the san juan islands out from seattle.  a YMCP-mini elsewhere would be about the same cost, but would not include accommodations or food.  we would tailor the program on this particular YMCP-mini (or couples’ retreat) to give you free time for enjoying our surroundings also (and it might be 5 days – but that wouldn’t impact the cost).

let me know what you think, would you?  is this something you could imagine consider?  is there any chance you’d be up for the ‘youth ministry couples’ retreat’? or would you only be interested in the YMCP-mini… ON A BOAT?  what about a YMCP-mini elsewhere?

oh, and we also have access to a gorgeous and safe resort in mexico where we’ve thought about doing this couples’ retreat.  same thing — we’d probably make that one about 7 days long (and would include some serving together), and a very light schedule.  in that location, every couple would get a suite, with living room and bedroom and kitchen.  we’d bring some food down, and the resort would prepare the rest.  total cost for that one, including accommodations and some food, for 7 days, would probably be about $1500/couple, but we could take more people than we could on the boat (which would, by the nature of the boat, be very exclusive).

speak to us!