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Collaborative mission partnerships

You might have recently seen some ads for the Center for Student Missions on my or Marko’s blog lately. Or if you were at Open Boston you likely bumped into some CSM staff folks in the lobby.
So… what’s up with that?

In short, I’m highlighting them because I really dig how they do short-term mission trips within the United States; I want to draw your attention to something I think is worth you checking out. (Particularly if you are looking for a mission experience within the States.)

Here at the Cartel, we think it’s cool that they have year-round, long-term relationships with their ministry partners within the cities they work in. In other words their strategy is like ours… we develop long-term collaborative ministry partners within an ecosystem we call “the Cartel” and CSM does the same type of thing within the short-term missions world, developing long-term collaborative mission partnerships.

In a world where it feels like everyone does the quick & easy thing we’ve learned the value of building partnerships where everyone benefits, even if it takes longer to invest for long-term gain rather than short-term quick wins. And when it comes to taking a short-term mission trip we think you have to always have your eyes on the long-term impact– with your students, your ministry, and the organizations you partner with.

Question: What’s been your experience with building long-term, collaborative, short-term missions partnerships? (Whether through an organization like CSM or another way.)