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Stations of the Cross – Just released!


I’m very pleased to announce that our latest product, Stations of the Cross, has been released and is available for immediate purchase and download.

Here’s the description:

You can’t dance at the after-funeral party unless you have been to the funeral.

You can’t truly appreciate the glory and color and music of the resurrection unless you have felt the hard cold stone in front of the tomb.

Stations of the Cross is a book of thirteen creative and dramatic lessons that will take participants into the last moments of Jesus’ life. Those who venture into these words will smell the sweat. They will feel the blood roll down his back. They will be taken to the dark place within their own souls and be invited to leave all that baggage behind in the tomb.

Utilizing scripture, dramatic readings, and thought provoking questions, Steve Case provides a unique approach to curriculum that can easily be customized for individual or group use.

Stations of the Cross is a downloadable product, so you can buy it and download it right now.

Want to check out a free sample? Click on this link: [download id=”22″]

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Lent hits the street

lent-squareYesterday was a big day for The Youth Cartel as our biggest book title yet, Lent, started shipping.

If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a taste of the book from it’s description:

This little book is a guide…a help…a companion on the 40-day journey of prayer and Christian practice known as Lent. On this journey, you’ll practice the disciplines of addition, subtraction, and introspection so that you may more fully participate in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is Lent.

And we take this journey because we all need resurrection.

And here’s a little bit about Erik Willits, the author:

Youth pastor and event speaker Erik Willits serves as the student minister at Christ Church Anglican in Plano, Texas. Drawing from his 10+ years of student ministry, Erik finds creative ways to engage students and young adults in scripture, liturgy, and the rhythms of abundant life. Whether speaking at a retreat or teaching his weekly middle school Bible study, Erik is passionate about cultivating lifelong disciples. The Chicago native currently resides in Texas with his wife, Andrea, and two kids, Jack and Reese.

I love it when the FedEx truck pulls up, I cut open the box, and I get a first glimpse at the final product. A book becomes a book because of a great team. And this particular book had a great team from beginning to end. From the author, to the publisher, to the editorial team lead by Anne, to layout, and even the printer… everyone came together to make a solid devotional for teenagers. 

Of course, when the FedEx truck arrives it also means something different for me and my kids: It’s time to pack orders! Yesterday afternoon we printed all of the packing slips, paired them up with their respective products, and packed lots and lots of envelopes/boxes. (Matt, our USPS letter carrier is also part of the team as he comes to pick up all of our orders.)

For those who pre-ordered, I certainly hope your students love the deco. And for those who haven’t yet purchased their copies, you might want to hurry as we’re nearly sold out of our first print run. We actually ordered the second print run today!



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Announcing The Youth Cartel’s Unauthorized Dictionary of Youth Ministry

Releasing in a couple weeks, the funniest, most consistently over-the-line book published in the world of youth ministry:

The Youth Cartel’s Unauthorized Dictionary of Youth Ministry, by Steve Case

From the back cover:

Most church people don’t like to work with teenagers. Teenagers scare people. But what do youth workers like you do? You love them. You spend all your time with them. You do your best to listen to heartaches, guide fledgling souls, and avoid dismemberment. You’re like a saint. A saint who drinks a lot of coffee.

Even with all that coffee in you and with the mighty hand of God shoving guiding you, sometimes the pressure, church committees and annual budget meetings can make you feel like you are gonna explode. Don’t do that. It’s gross.

Instead: breathe deep. Allow yourself one of those “snort” church giggles. You can even hide this book inside your Bible (just bow your head and you’ll look like you’re praying). Go ahead and laugh. We won’t tell anyone.

And, here’s just a little taste – four definitions in a row from a random page in the “A is for” section:

The end of the world. Watch for these telltale signs that the end is near:

  • The parents committee gathers together and spends two full hours talking about all the things you did (and do) right.
  • The Methodists drink in front of each other.
  • The local school system refuses to schedule games or practices on Sundays.
  • The church budget committee says, “We’d like to double your budget this year.”
  • Nicholas Cage does not “lose it” in a movie.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

Provides one million ways to not pay attention to the sermon, while pretending to be a tech-savvy smartphone Bible reader.

Aqua Team Rescue Force 
A great game! You will need:

  • 1000 Ping-Pong® balls.
  • A baptismal pool.
  • Snorkels for everyone.
  • Your senior pastor’s vacation schedule.

Seriously, you’ll laugh until it hurts. And we all might get in trouble for this thing. But, hey, if a company called The Youth Cartel can’t be a little edgy, we should change our name, right?

We’re offering a special pre-release price on the print version of The Youth Cartel’s Unauthorized Dictionary of Youth Ministry. Order prior to its release date (which should be on or about October 15), and we’ll knock the price from $8.99 down to $7.49. If you’re a bit of a risk taker yourself, you just might want to pick up a bunch as Christmas gifts for all your volunteers. Or, you could get one for your senior pastor as a creative way of resigning!

Pre-Order for just $7.49
Download a free sample

Amazon Kindle & Apple iBooks versions are coming October 15th, too.