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Get a Vision for Missions in Alaska

Join Marko and PPM as we explore what healthy short-term missions look like in beautiful Alaska. This trip is intended for church leaders who are exploring a future mission trip for their group. You will have the opportunity to visit local churches and non-profit organizations that are serving those who call Alaska their home.

This trip has limited availability, with 8 spots available (limit 1 leader per church/organization). The costs of this trip are sponsored by The Youth Cartel and Praying Pelican Missions, making it at no cost to you. There is a refundable registration fee of $100 to reserve your spot that will be returned to you after the trip.

This leader trip includes all ministry visits, lodging (at local churches), meals, transportation, staffing, and pre-trip prep. It does not include your flight to Anchorage, Alaska.

September 10-13, 2022 ($100 refundable registration)   

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Announcing The Youth Cartel’s 2022 Mission Trips

bahama mission trip

It’s no secret that The Youth Cartel is a big fan of Praying Pelican Missions. There are plenty of wonderful organizations out there who can help you with your short-term mission trips. But PPM, in our opinion, stands apart. Their commitment to developing long-term relationships with local, indigenous church leaders, and serving under their leadership is unique, and helps avoid many of the problems that can be created when short-term missions is more…well…drive-by colonialism.

For 2022, we’re partnering again with PPM for two specific weeks. On those two weeks, Mark Oestreicher will be present, both to make sure your experience is the best, and to speak to your teenagers in the evening. We thought long and hard about locations for 2022, and have chosen two we’re pretty excited about: Abaco, Bahamas, and Kauai, Hawaii. To be clear, we did not choose these locations for their ‘exotic’ nature: we chose them based on needs.

Abaco is a lesser-visited island in The Bahamas, but one with dramatic needs, particularly in the wake of a horrible hurricane in 2019. We’ll partner with local church for a variety of wonderful ministry.

Then, while Kauai is certainly a beautiful location, the needs of the people who live there year ’round can be profound. We’ll be partnering with a wonderful church that has been active for years in serving their community.

Ask us any questions you might have. Or, for more info (including dates and pricing), click here.