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MARKO 2016


We don’t know about you… but this election cycle hasn’t been fun enough! That’s why we’re having a sale this week. Just use coupon code: MARKO2016 to save 20% off your entire order in the Cartel online store.

As the Cartel Party we promise to…
  • Advocate that t-shirts are legitimate work attire for church office hours.
  • Tell your boss that leading a mission trip is not considered vacation time even if it was to the Bahamas.
  • Help you justify 6 dozen water balloons, a canned ham, and 100 clothes pins as a business expense.
  • Develop downloadable curriculum because sometimes lesson prep time gets eaten up with more important stuff.
  • Remind you that the proper ratio when ordering is 1 large pizza for every 4 people.
  • Create resources, coaching and training that will seriously mess with your head.
  • Be your biggest fan.
  • Tell you the truth.

Vote MARKO 2016!

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The Summit: A chat with some of the presenters

We have to admit: The Summit has shaped up to be so much better than we had even dreamed. Just this weekend, we confirmed our last two presenters:

  • Naomi Hirabayashi (CMO of, presenting in the “peripheral vision” session on “Best Practices in Activating Young People Around Causes They Care About”
  • Anne Jackson (author of Mad Church Disease and Permission to Speak Freely), also presenting in the “peripheral vision” session on “The Process of Creativity”
And we could not be more pleased. The line-up is bursting at the seams with promises of inspiration, idea-sparking, a-ha moments, re-orienting, big-picture visioning, new perspectives, and freshness. When we said there’d not been a youth ministry event like this before… well… let’s just say that was an understatement.

Anyhow: we had a little visit, recently, with a few of the presenters… sort of. You’ll see. And, if you like this video, please help us continue to spread the word by sharing it on Facebook, and blogs, and Tweeting the heck out of it!

See the full line-up of presenters and registration information here.

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Two Canadian High School Students Send a Lego to Space

They also constructed a lightweight Styrofoam box to carry three point-and-shoot cameras, a wide-angle video camera and a cellphone with a downloadable GPS app. They purchased a professional weather balloon for $85 online. The helium that would lift it up came from a party supply store. For launch, they put two mitten warmers in the Styrofoam box to keep the cameras working at that altitude. The whole project cost them about $400.


Um, I suddenly have $400 to do this. What should I send to space? 

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Build something awesome!

When I saw this video I had three thoughts. 

  1. Why did I raise my hands to celebrate like that? I couldn’t separate watching the video from celebrating it’s awesomeness.
  2. How in the world do I do that? A mere child seems to have defied gravity. Or was it the dark arts?
  3. Wouldn’t that be fun with a group of students? That would rock as an afternoon activity with my small group.

Want to give it a try? All you’ll need popsicle sticks (yum!) and your hands.

Here are the instructions

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How to get rid of your pastor

A pastor in Sterling, Colorado wrote 5 snarky tips for getting a pastor to quit.

Here are my favorite two:

Idea No. 2: Pat your pastor on the back and brag on his good points two or three times a month. Make a bunch of phone calls to your friends and neighbors and tell them all the good things about your pastor. In a little while, so many more people will start coming to your church, you’ll have to hire an associate pastor, and your senior pastor will be free to leave.

Idea No. 5: Get a whole bunch of the church members to unite in earnest intercessory prayer for the pastor, his ministry and his family. Organize prayer meetings in which you pray for the growth of the church and the blessing of the pastor. The pastor may become so effective in ministry that some larger church will gladly take him off your hands.

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I’m guessing there is a story behind this pastor’s snarky article. But I think that anyone who has worked at a church can empathize. Who hasn’t felt appreciated from time-to-time? It’s a sad reality which haunts us all.

Question: If you were to write, “How to get rid of your youth pastor,” what would make your list?

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