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New study on teenage sexuality

There’s a general perception that cultures morality, especially as it relates to teenage sexuality, is on the rapid decline. But a recent study published by the Centers for Disease Control reveals showed that American teenagers are having less sex and getting pregnant less.

Some highlights of the study, as covered by CNN.

  • The teenage birth rate is now 39.1 per 1000. (Down from 51 per 1000 in 1988)
  • 43% of unmarried females ages 15-19 have had sexual intercourse.
  • 42% of unmarried males ages 15-19 have had sexual intercourse. (You read that right)
  • 41% of females and 31% of males say that have abstained from sex for religious reasons.
  • 50% of all STDs contracted in the United States are attributed to those 15-19 years old.
Questions for discussion: Do these statistics challenge your assumptions of adolescent sexuality? Do you take this as a sign that things are getting better? Or are these numbers still too high and we need to keep focusing on teenage sex?