Rhett Smith

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, The Hideaway Experience

Topic: The Anxiety of Teenagers




Rhett Smith is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MDIV, MSMFT) at Auxano Counseling in Plano, TX and is on staff at The Hideaway Experience, a four-day marriage intensive in Amarillo, TX. He has been working in a variety of ministerial and counseling contexts since 1998 providing pastoral counseling and therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups. He served as the college pastor at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles from 2001-2008, and provided parenting classes for the parents of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas from 2008-2011. His areas of specialization include marriage and family, anxiety, adolescent & young adult transitions, social media and technology, spiritual direction, and pastors and their families.

Rhett is the author of The Anxious Christian and is a contributing online journalist to Fuller Youth Institute, as well as writing articles for Collide Magazine, Start Marriage Right, Youth Specialties, Catalyst, etc. He also co-authored Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication and The New Media Frontier where he wrote on the topic of “New Media Ministry to the MySpace-Facebook Generation.

Rhett earned his Master of Divinity and MS in Marital and Family Therapy degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. He is a member of the The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, The Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, and the Vice-President of The Dallas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Rhett lives in McKinney, TX and enjoys traveling, running, and spending time with his wife and two children.

For more information, please visit his blog at www.rhettsmith.com or counseling website www.rhettsmithcounseling.com.

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  1. […] I first got to connect with Adam McLane when we were driving through the Dominican Republic, and across the border into Haiti. It was only about a month after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, and we were part of a youth ministry team that went down there (though as Adam points out, it was more like a bunch of youth pastors and me — a therapist). Over the course of those last five years I have had the opportunity to really connect and get to know Adam better, as well as speaking at his initial Summit in 2012, on the topic of, The Anxiety of Teenagers. […]

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