April Diaz

Director of Coaching, The Youth Cartel

Topic: Immaturity & Transition in Youth Ministry

Session: Immaturity and Transition in Youth Ministry

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April pastored in the local church for 17 years. Most recently, she was on staff at Newsong Church (Orange County, CA) where she had 6 different roles in 10 years, from youth ministry to executive leadership. Prior to Newsong, she was involved in Willow Creek Community Church’s youth ministry for 7 years.

These days April gets to play in a bunch of spaces in coaching, speaking and writing with a broad diversity of people. She speaks and writes frequently on matters of leadership, youth ministry, and soul care.

She’s a Youth Ministry Associate at the Slingshot Group, passionately connecting remarkable churches and youth workers through staffing searches and coaching.

April has participated in Fuller Youth Institute’s Advisory Council since their formation (2007) and has been heavily involved in the Sticky Faith movement on every level. Currently, she’s a Sticky Faith Certified Coach and trainer, which basically means she’s all about helping churches lead through the change process.

She’s also the Director of Coaching for The Youth Cartel, coaching youth workers all over the country through their Youth Ministry Coaching Program (YMCP).

April became a certified coach through the Center for Advanced Coaching.

Her first book, Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker: A Manifesto of Integration is a compelling vision for the church’s role with teenagers.