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Storify is out on Kindle

It took a little longer than planned, but my book Storify: Speaking to Teenagers in a Post-Christian World is out on Kindle. As of now, it’s available for $9.99 on Amazon US.

My European friends are at a great advantage here, as the book is only EUR 2.99 or GBP 2.99 on all European Amazon stores. That’s a steal! So get it while this lasts, because I’m pretty sure these low prices will go up at some point.

What Storify is About

Storify is about how we communicate the gospel (and really any and all messages) to teens and the crucial role stories play in this. Here’s what the back blurb says:

“The gospel is the most powerful, life-changing message the Church has to offer the next generation. So why do so many young people seem uninterested in receiving it? Why are we finding that even many “churched” youth are gospel illiterate, as if they’ve never listened to the hours of teaching we know they’ve received? Why do so many youth walk out of the Church when they walk out of high school?

Could it really be as simple as a failure to communicate in the way our young people learn best?

Inspiring speaker and veteran youth worker Rachel Blom is exploring our current faith landscape, the learning styles of the postmodern teenager, and the power of story. The result? An invitation to re-examine the way we’re communicating the greatest story ever told.”


Storify cover V3Storify has had amazing reviews so far.

Check out a review of Storify on the YM360 blog. Here’s an excerpt: “It offers a unique perspective on reaching teenagers with the message of God’s Word in a way that accounts for their cultural context. (…) All in all, Storify is a solid resource, especially for someone who hasn’t had a ton of instruction on speaking/preaching to teenagers.”

Youth pastor Austin McCann loved Storify as well. Here’s a snippet of his review: “There have been many books written on the topic of speaking to teenagers. However, Storify challenged me more than any other book on this topic has in awhile. I would highly encourage anyone who regularly teaches teenagers to read this book.”

Here’s what one Amazon reviewer had to say: “Wow. What a great read… but so much more than that. Blom shows you, story by story, how an intentionally dynamic talk changes everything – wiping the dust off our well-meant but boring messages and breathing life into truths young people (or anyone, really) can relate to and interact with. Blom even takes the story principles that she suggests to make talks/sermons/etc more accessible to Millennials and actually WRITES her book with them. She certainly practices what she preaches. 🙂 I don’t even speak that often to my youth group, but reading her ideas makes me excited to try them out as soon as I can. I know I’ll refer back to this book time and again.”

Youth worker Ryan Schaible also loved the book: “Having been around the world of “Youth Ministry” for awhile, I have seen many things change – some for the better and others not so much. When other resources are often proclaiming the coolest new game or the best new piece of technology to add to your ministry, Rachel Blom has added another voice to the conversation – one that requires us to slow down, step back, and listen closely. Youth Ministry Leaders – if you’ve ever been discouraged by a lack of response from your lessons and/or you just don’t connect with the way it has “always been done,” then this is a book you need to read immediately. Rachel does well to write in a way that is serious, but with the casual, conversational tone of a good friend. Youth Ministry leaders can either sit back and wish things were like to good old days, or we can open our eyes to the reality around us. Whether you are brand new to ministry, been around for years, or just wish your church could be different…this is a book you need to read.”

And here’s another enthusiastic review: “In a postmodern world, it is so encouraging to know that the gift of story is alive and well. Rachel Blom provides solid evidence as to why youth workers-or anyone who is hoping to reach this generation of teenagers-should be a storyteller. Blom gives practical application to have the art of storytelling woven in and through everything from sermons to one on one conversations to Bible study. This book is a must read. Rachel Blom’s words reminds readers that nothing can ever match the power of story and how it can be used to change the world.”

Table of Contents


PART ONE: Postmodernism, Post-Christianity, and Story

Chapter 1: The Postmodern, Post-Christian Reality

Chapter 2: Millennials in (and Outside of) the Church

Chapter 3: How Postmodern Youth Learn

Chapter 4: The Power of Story

PART TWO: Storify

Chapter 5: The Story of the Gospel

Chapter 6: The Story of You

Chapter 7: The Structure of Stories

Chapter 8: The Theme of Your Story

Chapter 9: The Use of Story

Chapter 10: The Surprise of Mini-Story

Chapter 11: Becoming a Great Storyteller

Chapter 12: Multimedia: Maximizing the Storify Impact



So go buy Storify already! You know you want to 😉

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