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Sticky (Muslim) Faith

Last night I watched a beautiful film, Le Grande Voyage. It’s the story of a Muslim man making his pilgrimage from France to Mecca by car.

About half way through it really hit me that this was a film about a father’s attempt to win his son’s heart. While the beliefs are very foreign to me as a Christian father, the story itself was one I totally identified with. We have a shared value of passing along our faith and each wrestle with the pain that doing so is a choice.

If you’re like me, trying to figure out practical ways to develop Sticky Faith in your kids lives, I think this movie is worth watching. Sometimes great lessons are learned when we look outside of our own traditions/beliefs to see how the same task is carried out.

(Fair warning on some mild language. Over all, the movie was pretty clean. I’d say PG-13 even though it’s officially unrated)

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