Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace HeadshotBrian has served in student ministry since 2003 and recently completed a 10 year stint at a medium-sized congregation in Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to his church work, Brian is the co-founder of, one of the largest camera equipment rental companies in Pittsburgh. He is passionate about seeing youth workers become congregation-wide leaders and seeing entrepreneurs develop and strategize about their dreams. He blogs at Adventures of an Unlikely Leader ( and currently serves as the Associate Minister of Pittsburgh Presbytery. In this role he resources and supports leaders and congregations through the Pittsburgh area. He is married to Renee, who besides being a mom and serving in church work herself, doubles as his greatest cheerleader and most faithful critic. Together they have two offspring who amaze and challenge them each and every day.

Specialties: Mainline churches, developing student leaders, entrepreneurial ministry, mediums-size churches

Brian Wallace lives in Pittsburgh, PA