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Sex Education via Text

Sex education is a thorny subject for most school systems; only 13 states specify that the medical components of the programs must be accurate. Shrinking budgets and competing academic subjects have helped push it down as a curriculum priority. In reaction, some health organizations and school districts are developing Web sites and texting services as cost-effective ways to reach adolescents in the one classroom where absenteeism is never a problem: the Internet.


I thought it was interesting that the angle of this article was that this was a big cost savings for school districts. (Giving students access to online and SMS resources for sexual education.)

I just can’t get over what a great idea it is, in general. For students to have a way to ask the questions they really need answers to without having to risk raising their hand in class or visiting the counselors office… these are great tools!

What do you think? Skip having small groups… just have small group via text?

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Sex Education via Text

  1. Adam I’m with you.  Its a accurate reflection of the digital age.  
    Seriously though…doesn’t this blur the line on what constitutes ‘sexting’?

  2. It is a helpful medium to use (like a kids help phone). However, it’s only a temporary band-aid approach. More sustainable change (whether it’s counselling, peer relationships, etc.) needs to happen in person.  re the last question: while it’s helpful to keep the momentum of small group going via text, I wouldn’t skip small group for just going via text.

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