Acts Part Two

Each Video comes with:

  1. A link to watch the video on Youtube
  2. A high resolution download if you want to show it on a larger screen
  3. Discussion questions for before and after the video
  4. An outline and a blurb for teaching in addition to the book
  5. Prayer prompts
  6. An outline of each book of the Bible as well as the book’s content in one sentence

Acts Part One

Each Video comes with:

  1. A link to watch the video on Youtube
  2. A high resolution download if you want to show it on a larger screen
  3. Discussion questions for before and after the video
  4. An outline and a blurb for teaching in addition to the book
  5. Prayer prompts
  6. An outline of each book of the Bible as well as the book’s content in one sentence

Pastor of Student Ministries

Pastor of Student Ministries || Richwoods Christian Church

Who you are:
We are looking for a Pastor of Student Ministries who is passionate about outreach and discipleship to lead our student ministry into a new era of growth and vibrancy.  We want someone to join our team who loves Jesus, students, and identifying and recruiting amazing leaders.  We want someone who recognizes that excellent ministry happens both inside and outside the church walls: you lead excellent youth programs but also are out with students on campuses, at Taco Bell, or in homes.  We’d love it if you are a student of Student Ministry, who loves to talk StuMin theory, but also loves The Office, is willing to learn the latest viral TikTok dance, and can handle themselves in Settlers of Catan or Fortnite.


Who we are:
A church that is dedicated to “helping people find and follow Christ.”  We value collaboration, vulnerability, honesty, and having fun!  We have a staff of 17 people that can’t wait for you to join our team.  We want to support and unleash you, as you lead the student ministries.   Our church is non-denominational, and is a Christian Church that comes out of the Restoration Movement.  Our worship is modern and casual, our church is friendly, and we can’t wait to meet you!


What you’ll do:

You’ll provide vision for the entire student ministry, focusing on recruiting, developing, unleashing, and supporting a great team of volunteers.  You’ll oversee teams that lead middle school, high school, and college ministries, and you’ll lead the ministries as is appropriate.  We want you to lead a dynamic, relationship-based ministry, where you multiply yourself by developing an enthusiastic team of leaders who will share their faith and disciple our students.


You’ll supplement the ministry of those teams by being outward-focused, freed up to do all the important things that a great Youth Pastor should do—like be on-campus with students, take leaders out for coffee, and invite people to join you on your authentic journey with Christ.  You’ll be relationally present at weekend services and maybe grab lunch with the kids.  We hope you’ll be a resource for parents and for the community.


We’ve got a strong team for you to join, including a supportive church staff with lots of student ministry experience.  Our church is at an exciting point and we can’t wait to have a positive and enthusiastic person to join us!


If you’re interested in applying, please check out our culture and beliefs on our website (  If you would like to talk further, please send a Cover Letter and Resume to Tom Butler at, with the subject line: Pastor of Student Ministries.


Looking forward to talking to you soon!





What follows is:
1. A bit about our church and our city
2. Our ideal qualifications
3. The formal Job Description


  1. A bit about our church and our city

Highlighted in Christian Standard’s 2018 list of Emerging Mega-Churches, Richwoods Christian Church is a vibrant, joyful church.  Overflowing with young families, it is known in the community for being a safe place for the unchurched and “over-churched” to find and follow Christ. Richwoods is a multi-site, non-denominational community of believers with roots in the Restoration Movement. This movement was built around a message that resounds today: a call to unite with other Christians (regardless of denominational constructs), seeking unity around biblical essentials, and living together in grace in the gray areas. As the saying goes: “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love.” After investing in a multi-site model for growth, Richwoods currently has four services across two campuses, and (pre-Covid) averages an attendance of around 1,000 a week.  We are currently looking for our new Lead Pastor (our last LP left on great terms), and we believe in the importance of investing in our Student Ministries.


Peoria is a great place to live and raise a family. A 4-time “All American City” award winner, a recent Top 50 metropolitan area on Forbes’ “Best Places for Business and Careers” list, and frequent Top 10 “Best Mannered Cities,” Peoria has something for everyone. We have a vibrant river front and minor league hockey and baseball teams. There are over 9,000 acres of parks and trails, along with many other centers of culture and entertainment such as a Broadway Show or a Bradley Braves basketball game at the Civic Center, or spend some time at the Riverfront Museum, the Planetarium, the Botanical Garden, the Zoo, or the wildlife park. There is a growing food and pub scene, giving a very long list of date night options. With its low cost of living, excellent schools, superb entertainment options, international business, and ideal location, Peoria offers all of the big-city amenities with a small-town feel and is an ideal place to live!



  1. Our ideal qualifications
  • Vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus
  • 3+ years experience on a church staff with proven ministry growth
  • Proven capability to recruit, develop, and support exceptional volunteer leadership teams
  • Biblical education, (Bachelors degree or higher), and an earnest desire to learn and grow
  • Relational, outgoing and good with people
  • Ability to develop and lead a student worship team
  • Strong passion for students and young adults with a heart for Jesus-focused, family-friendly ministry that disciples students to spiritual maturity but is also able to engage with the unchurched “where they are, as they are”
  • Proven expertise as a teacher and communicator with strong teaching skills
  • High emotional and relational intelligence with solid listening, communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Strong work ethic, internally motivated with a drive for excellence
  • Ability to learn quickly, multi-task, and be flexible, and can work independently and as part of a team
  • Committed to teamwork with the leadership, staff, and congregation of Richwoods Christian Church



  1. The formal Job Description


Position:        Pastor of Student Ministries

Reports to:    Connections Pastor

Relates to:     Children’s Ministry positions

Supervises:   High School, Junior High, and College Ministry Teams

Campus:        Knoxville Campus

Status:            Full time, Exempt


Position Summary:  This position provides the overall vision for the entire Student Ministry, and personally leads ministries as is appropriate. Responsible for the implementation and coordination of student ministry strategy and focus for Richwoods under the direction of the Connections Pastor. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, culture, and strategy of Richwoods and the ability to develop, align, and empower volunteers, leaders, and teams with its purpose, vision, and values. The Pastor of Student Ministries should have an awareness of the significant role they play, and to use their presence and influence to benefit the students, their families, the church, and the community.



Position Roles/Responsibilities:


Role 1 – Oversee Vision and Continuity for Student Ministries

Responsibility 1

Communicate and cast the vision for Student Ministry as a whole. To lead, promote and oversee the spiritual formation of students (6th- college age) by providing environments that will challenge them to take their next step with Jesus.  Provide plan for outreach to unchurched students, and have a plan to follow up with new students and those who have not attended in a while.


Responsibility 2
Ensure the Student Ministry is effectively present in the local school systems.


Responsibility 3

Strategically transitioning students through the Student Ministry (rKids to Junior High, to Senior High, to College) and from the Student Ministry to the life of the church.


Responsibility 4

Working with Connections Pastor, create the annual budget and event calendar. Prepare a year-long curriculum plan.  Oversee the execution of these plans.


Responsibility 5 –

Oversee the direction/culture of Richwoods College Ministry (ages 18 – 24) and ensure an effective and relevant program where young adults can come together and be encourage to find and follow Christ.  Empower and work with the College Area Leaders to provide engaging experiences and life-changing environments for young adults at Richwoods.



Role 2 – Work Directly with Ministries

Responsibility 1 

Oversee the direction/culture of the ministries, and likely focus on investing with the High School Ministry (grade 9-12).  Lead an effective and relevant program where students can find and follow Christ. Be relationally present on Sunday mornings, and lead the Wednesday evening youth program. Also, provide vision casting and leadership training for adult leaders, student leaders, and volunteer teams.


Responsibility 2 –

Build a team of adult leaders who will lead alongside each other with one mind and heart helping students find and follow Christ. Develop a healthy leadership community that attracts, develops, and empowers ministry partners and volunteers.


Responsibility 3 –

Establish/maintain a personal presence at local high schools.  Foster and curate the community of the youth group.  Go to lunch with students after church.



Other General Duties

  • Dedicate yourself to your personal and spiritual health and growth.
  • Establish and maintain healthy work boundaries.
  • Contribute to all-staff meetings, retreats, and church wide events/classes (Discovering Richwoods, Leadership Community, Annual Meetings, Volunteer Pushes, etc)
  • Be transparent with working hours, and location when off-site during normal working hours. Be available before/after services.
  • Other duties as assigned



Organization name:
Richwoods Christian Church



8115 N. Knoxville Ave. Peoria, IL 61615


Date Posted:
August 6, 2020

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Pivoting in a Pandemic: Five Shifts in Global Youth Ministry

In the uncertain times ahead, I believe global youth ministry is being presented with at least five pivotal opportunities to shift how we minister to and through youth. At every level – from local church ministers to denominational and social movement influencers – God is stirring significant shifts in the world of youth ministry as ministers adapt to the crisis brought on by the Coronavirus. As Colin Piper, Youth Commissioner of the World Evangelical Association, recently shared, “It’s a surreal season where on the one hand everything has come to a stop and on the other, things are developing at breakneck speed.” In my work with youth ministers around the globe, I’ve noticed five pivots amidst this pandemic.

Continue reading Pivoting in a Pandemic: Five Shifts in Global Youth Ministry

Associate Director of Student Ministry

The Opportunity

Christ Community Church (C3) was planted in January 2012 by 150 people who were committed to starting a gospel-centered church on the west side of Houston. Since that time, C3 has focused on making disciples through gospel-centered worship, teaching, community, and mission. The church now averages over 600 people per week and is a part of Acts 29 Network.

Over the last few years, the Student Ministry (6-12th) has grown from 30 kids a week to over 75, with 90 students attending the most recent retreat. We’re seeing students come to know the Lord, experience Christian community, and we have an incredible team of 20 volunteers who serve with us every week. Kids are starting to share the gospel with friends, high school students are discipling fellow students in the ministry, and we’re seeing new students almost every single week. 

We believe that having someone who can disciple our female students, invest in our female leaders, and build relationships with moms of kids is essential for the present health and future growth of the ministry.

C3 is looking to add a full-time Associate Director of Student Ministry with strong relational and administrative skills to join our Student Minister in executing the vision of the Student Ministry. 

Interested? Please read through our distinctives and the job description below and apply here: C3 Associate Director of Student Ministry

Youth Ministry Mission & Distinctives

The C3 Student Ministry exists to partner with parents and equip the church body to make students into fully devoted disciple-makers.

1. Discipling towards multiplication.

We believe that we are called to make disciples of Jesus who go on to make disciples. We want to challenge students to apply the gospel to every area of their lives, challenging students to grow in their knowledge of God (knowing things about God/scripture), in their affection for God (feeling closer to God, intimacy & love for God), and their action (obedience in applying God’s word). ​​We want students to be balanced in their pursuit of holiness for the sake of the world. Growing as followers of Jesus not to isolate themselves in a covenant cul-de-sac with fellow believers closed off to the world, but living as missionaries for Jesus who make disciples in their schools, teams, families, neighborhoods, and friends.

2. Expositional preaching

C3’s preaching in our Sunday gatherings is a heavy diet of expositional preaching where we work verse by verse through books of the Bible. This is true for the youth ministry as well, although we will supplement with some topical-exposition on subjects relevant to MS and HS students. This past year we preached through Hebrews and Malachi and we plan to begin a year-long journey through either Acts or 1st Corinthians in Fall of 2020. We believe that students are capable of hearing the Bible taught and we should continually challenge them towards depth and maturity.

3. “Equipping the Saints” model of youth ministry

We believe that the primary role of vocational ministry positions (directors, ministers, pastors) is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph. 4:12). For the youth ministry, this means that as paid staff we should set an example in making disciples, but we are uniquely called to equip people within the church body to partner with us in discipling students to follow Jesus and live for him.

 4. Simple youth ministry / Family services

We have a low-program approach to youth ministry. We feel that we are most effective when we focus on fewer programs with a high degree of excellence. We have one weekly program for the youth group on Sunday nights and the rest of our discipling takes place during the week through our discipleship program. We do not offer Sunday morning programs for youth ministry because we strongly desire that MS and HS students attend church with their families and get experience being fully part of the local church.

Christ Community Church
Associate Director of Student Ministry Job Description


  • We are looking for a Godly person who desires to pursue God’s call to ministry.
  • We are looking for someone who loves the church and can affirm our teaching statement and philosophy of ministry.
  • We desire someone that takes initiative, works hard, and works well with people.
  • We are seeking someone who, by God’s grace, gives evidence of the character qualifications of a servant leader as found in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.
  • Youth ministry experience preferred.

General Staff Roles:

  • Meet regularly with Student Ministry Director for development, and evaluation.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings, office hours and staff initiatives.
  • Be an active part of the church body with your family. (Ex. Community Group, Sunday worship, Women’s Ministry).
  • Ministry beyond Students: To be determined with SM Director. 

Student Ministry Responsibilities:

Relational ministry

  • We want this person to be doing life-on-life ministry, teaching students to walk faithfully as disciples who make disciples in their schools, families, neighborhoods, and with friends. Along the way, they should be leading and equipping volunteers into this same mission and partnering with parents in this discipleship.
  • Partner with SM Director in recruiting, equipping, and leading a volunteer leadership team towards a culture of discipleship with a focusing on female volunteers and the girls discipleship program.
  • Spend time with female students outside of regularly scheduled programs for discipleship and counseling, i.e. school lunches, attending events they participate in, dinners with youth families.
  • Cultivate relationships with moms, offering support and encouragement to them, creating a bigger group of parent advocates and volunteers for the ministry

Administrative / Organizational

  • Support SM Director in planning, preparing, and evaluating our weekly program.
  • Contribute to planning and implementation of retreats and Summer mission trips.
  • Assist in communication with parents, students, and leaders regarding Student Ministry activities, upcoming events, trips, retreats, etc.
  • Maintain website and meeting space for Student Ministry.
  • Partner with SM Director in new initiatives and creating ministry resources.


  • Full-time salaried position commensurate with experience
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Comprehensive Insurance plan
  • Cigna Dental PPO Plan
  • 2 weeks paid vacation
  • 403B retirement account with employer contribution

Interested? Please apply here: C3 Associate Director of Student Ministry


Organization name:
Christ Community Church



1303 Sherwood Forest, Houston, TX 77043


Date Posted:
March 4, 2020

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Youth Leader

Purpose: To help lead community youth in getting to know and follow Jesus.

Member of: LifeBridge Staff

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Select, in coordination with the Pastor, appropriate curriculum for the ages.
2. Recruit, train, and coordinate workers for LifeBridge Youth Ministry education and events.
3. Collect & maintain background check information for Youth Ministry staff and volunteers.
4. Be actively involved in leading the Youth by teaching classes weekly and/or provide support to volunteers.
5. Maintain an accurate record of youth’s contact information, medical information, and attendance.
6. Inventory/purchase of supplies and completion of necessary reimbursement forms.
7. ProvideawrittenreporttotheBoardquarterly,whichshallincludeattendanceandactivities.
8. Keep parents informed of program activities.
9. Oversee and coordinate annual programs including, but not limited to, retreats and lock-ins.
10.Exhibit professionalism, demonstrated by a well-groomed appearance, appropriate attire, a conscientious work ethic, and ability to work within a variety of settings with flexibility.
11.Be ever conscious of the need for confidentiality.
12.Exercise discernment and wise judgement.
13.Be a self-starter, good at multi-tasking and prioritizing projects.
14.Maintain personal spiritual development through Bible reading, prayer, and Christian community.
15.Plan and facilitate, in conjunction with any LifeBridge Outreach Team, outreach activities (5th Quarters, Youth in the Park, etc.).
16.Actively engage community partners with other youth groups in the Sealy area.
17.Maintain an active online presence on the youth group social media platforms (Instagram and Snapchat, primarily).
18.Attend community activities that youth are involved in (e.g., sporting events, plays, concerts, etc.).
19.Work with the other LifeBridge staff for prayer, spiritual development, and coordination of LifeBridge activities. 20.Facilitate the carrying out of LifeBridge’s Mission Statement in the area of youth.

Other duties as assigned.

1. Pay shall initially be $225/week, to be revisited as needed.
2. Duringthecourseofamonth,hoursshallnotexceedanaverageof20hours/week.

Initially there will be a trial period of three (3) months. Following this period, contracts shall be normally be for one year periods.

The youth leader is responsible to the LifeBridge Board of Directors and reports to the Pastor.page1image62171648

Those interested should forward their desires and current qualifications to the LifeBridge Board of Directors


Organization name:
Lifebridge Sealy

Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


2162 FM 2187 Sealy, TX 77474


Date Posted:
November 10, 2019

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The “Un-glory” and Glory of Short Term Missions

“I hope some teams  will never come back again.”  These words were spoken by my new senior pastor, a 26-year career missionary who joined our church staff last year.  He said these words last April during training for our short-term mission teams. After a lifetime in the mission field as well as leading various international mission organizations where he’d welcomed teams from all over the world, these words were most profound to me.

Continue reading The “Un-glory” and Glory of Short Term Missions

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Addressing Students’ Behavior with I-Messages

My original background is in teaching: I’m a certified teacher in Dutch history and social sciences in secondary education. When I was getting my teaching degree, we had to do several internships. And boy, did I have my work cut out for me.

Most of my classes ware great and I could work well with them. But some groups of students were really hard and I dreaded teaching them. Yet, it was often just a few kids who caused the problems and who infected the others with being disruptive, insolent, or downright rude. But I was at a loss how to handle these kids.

Until the teacher who was supervising me, sat me down and explained a very simple technique called the I-message. Nope, this had nothing to do with Apple’s I-Message, since that didn’t even exist at the time! Continue reading Addressing Students’ Behavior with I-Messages

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They Just Don’t Get it!

Youth ministry can be hard, no doubt about it. One of the reasons is that ‘they’ often don’t get it.

They could be parents, church leaders, the pastor, church members, anyone really who doesn’t do what you do. And the fact that they’re not involved in youth ministry and as such, don’t get it, doesn’t keep them from voicing opinions. The fact that they don’t get it doesn’t mean they can’t offer you advice, correct you, or even criticize you.

Welcome to youth ministry.

I know dealing with this is frustrating and hard and makes you want to quit at times. If I had to list the top 10 things that discourage me in youth ministry, dealing with people who don’t know what they’re talking about and still interfere would be pretty high on my list. Continue reading They Just Don’t Get it!