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Quick update on Lent

Today is the official release date for Lent, a student devotional written by Erik Willits. lent-square

The response to this book has been phenomenal. It arrived from the printer two days early which meant that we worked like crazy to get out all of the pre-orders we could.

Even while we were fulfilling orders yesterday more orders were coming in. We made three trips to the post office just to get caught up! (We normally make one trip.)

And then this morning… we officially sold out.

Sold out on the day it released. We didn’t see that coming. 

Marko and I aren’t exactly known for doing things small. We’re shameless optimists who consistently go big. So to sell out of this book gives you an idea of how strong the response has been.

We are amazed and thankful and happy for our author, Erik, and the editorial team who worked so hard.

Can I Still Buy It?

Yes! The book is still for sale on our site. As we made clear on the product page, you are placing a back order that will be fulfilled as soon as we get more from the printer. We expect to have them back in stock no later than February 25th.

We obviously understand the time sensitive nature of the devotional. It’s for Lent which starts next Wednesday. So here’s our solution to that: We will send anyone who buys the book while its on backorder a full PDF version of the book and permission to print as many copies as you’ve purchased from it. (So, if you are buying 20 copies for your youth group and want to print out 20 copies… awesome. But you can’t buy 1 copy and make 1000 copies. Make sense?)

Go here to learn all about the book or place an order.

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