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A six-week journey designed to help teenagers explore and experience the Christian faith.

Shuffle is a set of 42 cards, each with a daily challenge designed for teenagers who are exploring the Christian faith. Covering a range of aspects of Christian life, the cards include challenges on the Bible, praying, social action and church. Young people are invited to play a new card every day for six weeks of experiencing faith in a new way. But if they pick a challenge they don’t feel ready for today, just put it back in the pack and Shuffle!

Shuffle helps young people who are just started on a Christian journey, but it also helps any Christian teenager think about what it means to put their faith into practice. And it works great as a solo devotional practice, or as the basis for group discussion.

Behind the many different topics and types of activity on the cards is a carefully thought-through program of discipleship. The cards develop personal disciplines like prayer and reading the Bible, but also challenge young people to put their beliefs into action in everyday life.

Buy a single pack or get a $5 discount when you purchase a bundle of 5 or more.

What’s in the box?
42 cards each containing a bible verse, a daily challenge, a prayer and more
Take Me To Your Leader card
Instruction leaflet so you know what to do
Handy wall chart so you can keep track of which cards you’ve done


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