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Youthscape Bricks builds on the popular tower-based tension of Jenga™ to make space for fun and rich conversations.

Big conversations – about life, faith, values, hopes and priorities – can be transformative in the lives of young people and we wanted to create the space and opportunity for those conversations to take place. The result is 54 questions that are guaranteed to get young people laughing, thinking and talking. The questions are split into three general categories – faith, values, and friendships/relationships – supporting the overall theme of foundations. The questions come in the form of removable labels that you simply apply to your Jenga™ bricks. You play the game as normal, but as each brick (and question) is removed, the individual playing follows the instruction on the sticker – either answering the question themselves, choosing someone else to answer, or discussing the question with the whole group. The game continues until the tower is knocked down!

Youthscape Bricks is designed to work in multiple settings. You can use the game in 1-2-1 mentoring sessions and in both small or large groups. So why not get involved and get your group talking!

What’s in the package?
This product supplies the stickers for Youthscape Bricks, but before playing this game with young people, you’ll need your own copy of Jenga™ or other tumbling tower game. Please note, we have designed the stickers to fit neatly onto a genuine Hasbro Jenga™ set with bricks that measure 0.59 × 0.98 × 3.0 inches. As sizes vary between manufacturers, you will need to make sure that the bricks of your game are the right size to fit the Youthscape Bricks labels (labels are 2.83 x .83 inches).

Get one for every leader on your team – save $3 when you buy 5 or more. 


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