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Youth Ministry in This Season of Disruption



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Choose your word for these times we’re in: unprecedented, weird, challenging, exhausting. Each of them is true, of course. And youth workers everywhere are struggling to figure things out, wrestling with calling and expectations, experimenting and learning and holding onto hope.

This book dives headfirst into that space with you, bringing the voices (and thinking) of 28 unique youth ministry practitioners–consider them as your own little band of partners.

Broken into five sections, Youth Ministry in This Season of Disruption begins with two critical reminders–a historical encouragement from Sean McDowell, and a theological encouragement from Andrew Root. Section three pauses, asking us all to consider five critical issues as we pivot and adapt.

Section four includes entries from seven in-the-trenches youth workers willing to share how they’ve misstepped in this season, and what they’ve learned from that (ideally, helping you sidestep those same mistakes). And, finally, the dozen chapters of section five include a host of innovative and experimental wins from youth workers just like you.

This book doesn’t have all the answers. But it’s a snapshot from the brilliant and resourceful tribe of youth workers that you’re a part of. Between the lines, we hope you’ll get a sense of God’s Spirit whispering: Don’t give up; you can do it!

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