Youth Ministry 2027: A New Vision for Youth Ministry in This Present Future


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If you’ve ever felt like a sure-footed model of youth ministry is difficult to grasp as the spiritual and cultural shifts come in wave after wave, you’re not alone. While some sociologists paint a bleak future for the youth of tomorrow, there are just as many signs that point toward hope and revival. Can you spot them? Are you ready for the next shifts and what they will mean for your church?

From the author of Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World, this fresh take on the future of youth ministry and what it means for us today serves as both a wake-up call and an encouraging word for the path forward.

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About Brock Morgan

Brock Morgan has been a youth worker for the past 27 years and is known for his fun style and amazing storytelling that leads the audience into deeper truths. He is the author of several books, including the popular Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian Christian World, NEXT youth curriculum, and a book for students called The Amazing Next. He is also the youth pastor at The Falls Church Anglican and he and his wife, Kelsey, run Generation514, a nonprofit whose aim is to develop next generation leaders to instigate change for the common good. They reside in the Washington DC area with their amazing daughter Dancin. To find out more you can visit his website at

Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × .6 in
Page Count



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10 reviews for Youth Ministry 2027: A New Vision for Youth Ministry in This Present Future

  1. Doug Clark, National Network of Youth Ministries (verified owner)

    If you want a really good cup of coffee, I’m told, you do a pour-over. Boiling water is dripped through a cone of really good ground coffee, and the water is transformed into a rich brew.
    Reading Youth Ministry 2027 is like a pour-over for the heart of someone who loves youth and wants to see this generation reached for Christ. The stories and wisdom and contagious enthusiasm of Brock Morgan will renew your love for youth ministry. I came away feeling confirmed and encouraged in my calling, and with a clearer snapshot of the heart of a mature, energetic youth pastor who has years of experience, but is “in it to win it.”

    Optimism founded on biblical truth and practical experience, with insight into our global and youth culture today, is what will help us ignite a movement in this generation as we head toward 2027.

    Youth Ministry 2027 is fuel for that journey.

  2. rayhausler (verified owner)

    A must read for youth workers. Brock Morgan is a veteran youth worker still “in the game” leading young people to life in Christ. Youth Ministry 2027 presents a vision of youth ministry that recognizes the post-Christian reality of our culture and provides a path to walking with a generation poised to be transformed by Jesus.

    This isn’t a new model or a curriculum to follow. This is a mindset that equips youth workers to be ready for what is next in youth ministry.

  3. Dr. Paul Morgan (verified owner)

    With the crisis of so many amazing young people walking away from their faith, a resource that gives a pathway to capture their hearts for Christ is extremely needed. I love what Brock Morgan says, “Youth ministry isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard. But I love it…,” and goes on to say, “You must live life well and then invite youth into that spacious living…. and remember that God’s hand is upon you and He is with you.” Brock gives us vision and hope that young people coming back to God by the thousands is really possible.

    You don’t have to be a youth pastor to read this book. In fact every Parent, Senior Pastor and Grand Parent should be reading this book to learn the language of this youth culture, understanding that God wants to create a movement through them.

  4. James Hauptman (verified owner)

    You should probably pick this book up! It has been the most prophetic, timely book for me and our youth ministry I’ve ever read. To the day, the topics addressed were issues I was either personally struggling through or knowing that our students were struggling through. It’s incredibly practical! I’ll be sharing a portion on it (the pressures on teenagers today) to our youth leaders as we get ready for an upcoming retreat. This book is insightful, reformative and encouraging!

  5. Trevor Smith (verified owner)

    Another great book written by Brock! I love that he is a veteran youth worker who still has a passion for teaching youth and sharing his ideas with other leaders! I love his chapter on Advocacy and being a voice for the kids in our group. As a new youth worker myself, I devoured his book and need to read it again! There was so much good stuff in it!

    I have so many kids that are hurting in my group…Brock’s message of suffering as a way forward is exactly what I needed to help direct my kids through the mess.

    Get this book!

  6. Shannon LeMaster-Smith (verified owner)

    This book turns heads! I laughed and yelled “yes!” while reading this book (in public). It speaks to so much of what I’ve seen and experienced in youth ministry…the value of questions, the depth and desire of youth to think deeply and yearn for transcendence…yes! 2027 is good for anyone seeking to understand youth culture, know what youth are needing/wanting, and empowers us all for the work.

  7. Scott Riley (verified owner)

    First of all, I’m a context guy, so many writers leave me stranded from their general theme when they can’t back it up with history, facts or solid argumentation. Second of all, I value relationship and story. With those two things in mind, Brock Morgan wrote a book with me in mind! You know how sometimes you sit in church and the pastor is speaking just to you (or at least the Holy Spirit makes it feel that way). That was Youth Ministry 2027 for me. It’s a call to make the first things first in our student ministries. It’s a reminder of why we love teens. It’s a call to buy a brand new highlighter. (Seriously, I wore one out as I read through Youth Ministry 2027)
    Brock challenges us to make youth ministry about the youth ministering and not just on a trip or at a camp. He asks us to put prayer back as a priority. Brock reminds us of our desperateness to be with the Holy Spirit and to partake of the Fruit of the Spirit often. He raises the standard and asks us to join him in the march to reach lost youth and allow them space to ask hard questions in relationship.
    Why are you still reading this and not ordering the book? I needed this wake-up call, so do you!

  8. chrisluper (verified owner)

    Brock is an amazing storyteller and in Youth Ministry 2027 he tells the story of the struggle that so many of our students are facing, but he doesn’t stop there. As is often our propensity, we gloss past ourselves and project the problems of the world onto a younger generation. Through the story Brock shares, he calls us as leaders within the Church to seek out spiritual renewal so that we might lead the next generation into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Anyone working with youth, paid or volunteer, should take the time to read this book. It will challenge you to go deeper with your students and encourage you that in doing this, revival will come!

  9. Tony Brackemyre (verified owner)

    Even before I completely finished reading Brock’s book, I was sharing some of what he wrote with my leaders. One of my favorite quotes from the book is this:

    “The world is desperate for humble, selfless servant-Christians; but it won’t happen if their leaders aren’t there themselves…humility is so attractive. Service always wins, and people often need to experience the good news before they can receive the good news.”

    While much has been said about this generation of students, a good part of Brock’s book is about who we are as leaders and the adjustments we need to make to effectively come alongside students. Brock calls leaders to humbly come alongside students and invite them to bring their doubts and questions with them. Jesus allowed Thomas to express his doubts. Youth workers need to follow that lead.

    One of the things I appreciated about the book is not that is just a look at where culture is headed, but also where youth ministry has been. Brock looks to the history of youth ministry, the changes in culture and education, where things have gone well and how we can respond to the students in a post-Christian culture. Seeing where we have come from can help us navigate into the future.

    His writing is an appeal as to youth workers to share the good news with the students with whom we come in contact. To give them a place to bring their questions. To allow God to do the work only He can.

    A good read for anyone who works with students. Brock offers not only good information about the present future of youth ministry, but also some action steps to continue to engage with students.

  10. Robb Gossen

    I pre-ordered this book as soon as I could. It then sat on my shelf for a few months. I would pick it and read the intro and then re-read the intro…and then re-read the intro again. In just those few pages that I read a countless numbers of times, I knew that this book was something special. I finally got off my duff and read it. I knew I was in for a challenge and yet a truly hopeful kick in the pants that I needed. And boy did it! I was in the midst of making some significant and really scary decisions about our youth ministry and it was like Brock was sitting right there next to me telling me that what I wanted to do was ok. Does it scare the bejeezus out of me still?? Yea but seriously these things have to be done! Youth ministry isn’t broken but it does need to be revitalized and a fresh approach HAS to be taken. Brock sets the stage for what needs to be at least attempted. Contextualize for you but know that there is a way forward. I wish that I had this book when I first started in ministry. Brock thanks for encouraging, challenging, pushing, and being the prophetic voice of the youth ministry tribe!

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