What Do I Believe About What I Believe: A Deeper Questions Devotional


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By: Jen Bradbury

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Teenagers are smart and insightful, full of joy, doubts, worries, hope, great ideas, generosity, and questions. Their questions about the world and about God are as complex as they are, and they don’t settle for easy answers. That’s why we created this devotional, which addresses the things teens often wonder about faith and life, like:

Is it okay to doubt?
Who wrote the Bible?
Do I have to vote a certain way?
Why did Jesus die?
Can we take the Bible literally?
What does it mean to be saved?
What’s heaven like?
Does prayer work?
Why did God let this happen?

Longtime youth worker Jen Bradbury responds to these questions through personal narratives, Bible stories, and anecdotes from other teenagers as she walks alongside readers through complex, important, and even hot-button topics. There are no easy answers here, but encouragement and guidance to wonder more, learn more, and grow into a deeper, more complex, more meaningful faith—a faith where there’s always room for every teen, and for every question they have.

Author Bio:

Jen Bradbury serves as the TenX10 Content Director for Fuller Youth Institute. Jen holds an MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University. Prior to working at FYI, she served as a youth worker in the local church for 19 years. Jen is the author of several books including The Jesus Gap: What Teens Actually Believe about Jesus, The Real Jesus, and Called: A Novel About Youth Ministry Transitions. Jen lives with her husband, daughters, and cat in the Chicago suburbs.


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